Hello my name is Jaz (Jasmynne when I'm in trouble) and I'm a 1991 model designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia...

I have turned my life long hobby into a profession. Self-taught, I declared myself " a photographer" back in 2012, rather than someone who just takes photos, which I have done for over 15 years now. Setting up Still Motion Media:

STILL- Still Photography

MOTION - Videography

MEDIA - All Things Media

I have a passion for people, life and photography. My true passion is the automotive scene where I aspire to live a life surrounded by cars. You can read how I came to love all things automotive >here <.

Specialising in:

|  Photography  |  Video   |  Features  |  Car Reviews  |  Product testing   |

As well as photographing cars and events I also write articles and features on builds, cars, events and my life experiences which can be found on my Blog.
I don't exactly have one particular automotive scene I follow as I love all things Drift, Race, Track and Street! I even love all genres including Classics, JDM, Euro, Stance, Australian and American Muscle and of course Exotic cars! Even bikes, boats, planes and the likes, if you can have fun in or on it, preferably powered by a motor I am interested! If it makes you happy, it makes me happy!

My passion for photography in general has had me challenge myself, also delving into many scenes including:

|   Portraits   |   Newborns   |   Weddings   |  Real Estate   |   Nature   |   Corporate   |   Promotional   |

Enjoying a challenge I have also, and am still new to the art of videography/cinematography and the world of "vlogging".

With such a vast variety of photography keeping me very busy I am fortunate enough to have my husband Ash on board as a second shooter when needed.

There is no limit to what we will shoot or film, we just enjoy capturing a moment, any moment in time.  And I am always up for a challenge or something new!

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