My First Skydiving Experience!

Skydiving is something I have wanted to do for years, and years I'm talking since I was about 10 years old I have wanted to jump out of a plane! And I had never even been on one until I was 15! I just love heights and adrenaline! I am a self confessed adrenaline junkie with not much scaring me. Apart from the dark, clowns and spiders! EWWWW just thinking of all 3 combined makes me all jumpy watching my back while sitting in a very poorly lit room...

Well for my 26th birthday back in February Ash and his sister Ellie threw in together and got me a voucher for Australia's highest skydive, jumping from 14,000ft! From that moment, even up until right now (7 hours after my jump) I was in disbelief. Now that it has finally sunk in I thought I would write my blog to get out exactly how I feel!

Being extremely busy as of recent I actually completely forgot that I had the voucher and it wasn't until last week when I was offered a new position at work that Ash reminded me of it! I have now taken on a new role which means my days off usually being Sunday/Monday/Tuesday will now be Friday/Saturday/Sunday allowing me to focus on Still Motion Media and make it to all these awesome events I keep missing. Also now working 5am till 2 pm giving me my afternoons to shoot, edit and again focus on my future career as a media personality. Ash having Sunday/Monday off meant that this week would be our last week with 2 days off together and meant it was the only opportunity I would be able to have him there with me when I jumped. So with only 3 days notice I booked my jump for 9am Monday morning!

I didn't exactly have time to get excited or nervous as we had plans Saturday night till late after work followed by a 5am rise to be in the city for a shoot before Cars and Coffee Sydney on the Sunday. With so many unreal photos from Sunday's event I had to pry myself away from the computer and get to bed as we had to leave home by 6:30am Monday to make it down to Wollongong in time for my check-in.

Arriving I still wasn't nervous, excited yes! Nervous, no! I don't fear heights at all and couldn't gee myself up. It felt so surreal.

Signing my life away it was time to gear up and prepare for my jump. Though as the groups worked out I was switched from group 1 to group 2 at the last minute.

After a 15 minute drive to the airport it was now time to board our plane, the thing was TINY with two bench like seats running down which we all piled in and straddled. Before I knew it we were taking off and flying high above Wollongong, still no nerves. It still didn't feel real!

My instructor Brant worked out I didn't have much fear and was an adrenaline junkie with a need for speed and opted to give me the best experience he possibly could. He whispered in my ear that he was not going to pull the guide straight away and wanted to plummet head first towards the ground for a bit reaching speeds of 400+km/h before pulling the guide and flattening out, guiding me on what to do for this to happen. We were also told due to winds we had to land on the beach! (later finding out group 1 landed in the paddock, woo hoo beach landing! How lucky!).

A call echoed through the plane and all the instructors started calling 100, with a thumbs up from the pilot the back door rolled up and the first pair left. The sound was so bizarre, it was like a THHOOOFFF... and they were gone! It sunk in right then and there! I had a moment of oh shit! Short lived, I smiled and couldn't believe what I was doing. I was snapped out of my auto pilot mode I get in and was ready for the best experience of my life. Shuffling closer towards the exit it was still so surreal. Now hanging my legs out of the plane, head tilted back, we were off!

Smacked in the face by wind we were now plummeting towards the ground head first for what felt like forever, with many OMGs I couldn't stop smiling. After the guide was pulled our speed was decreased drastically, we flattened out and for some reason after falling head first for some time (12 seconds to be exact) and slowing down so much, I weirdly thought the shoot was out, not registering we were still falling even though I knew I was because we were still going fast, wind blowing past my ears and I was about to go through a cloud (Not sure why I squinted as we went through the clouds though, I must have thought I was going to hit something or get wet haha). But when the shoot was finally released it actually scared me due to me thinking it was already out for some weird reason haha

Everything happens so fast you don't have time to think and absorb what's going on. This is the reason for addiction. You want to feel it again and absorb a little more each time!

With the shoot finally open we sailed through the sky like birds. I let out a big WOO HOO and tried to absorb as much as possible. But again with everything happening so fast you're still trying to absorb what just happened and take it all in....

Before I knew it I was directed to raise my legs ready for landing and I was down back on the ground landing on the beautiful beach!

How do I feel? ALIVE!

Would I do it again? F*CK YES! If I had the money I'd go again tomorrow and every day after that! I have already googled skydives in Japan for later this year and New Zealand for next years trip.