The 83-UNIQ files...

Almost 4 years ago I met my second true love, my s14.

How did I get into imports?

If you haven't read my blog, 'Every Story Has A Beginning'  I'll summarise it for you...

I have always loved Skylines, Silvias and imports and I was lucky enough to go as passenger with Cameron Mote one day in his s13 for laps around North Circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park on the 2nd of December 2012. Right then and there I knew THIS is what I wanted to do myself, and immediately started looking for RWD cars. Purchasing my Silvia 4 days before my birthday in February 2013, exactly two months after my passenger laps with Camo. 

Purchasing my first import...

In all honesty I wanted an s15 but unable to afford one at the time, I had my heart set on finding an s14 and straight off the bat I didn't want the commonly seen series 2, I'm uniquely different and go against all trends so I wanted the series 1 aka the Zenki. At the time you rarely saw them on the streets and at events. Originally my love for the Zenki was founded when I was googling Rocket Bunny kits one day and spotted the Rocket bunny white s14 sitting at a petrol bowser in Japan. It was love at first sight and this was the goal. 

Having never driven a turbo charged car I let Ash test drive it and make the deal. It was now time to drive my very own Turbo charged s14 home. As anyone else buying their first import I became JDM as F*ck and had massive plans for it. In the first year I added coilovers, a two way diff, adjustable control arms to the rear and a nice set of wheels along with a few other bits and pieces making sure it was mechanically sound and good to thrash. The previous owner had damaged the front bar splitting it and fixed it himself doing a really dodgy repair job. My front bar is actually an r33 bar moulded in with a Zenki bar so sadly it's bog city.

How embarrassing! Going through old pics for my little write up I found a pic of me from 3 and a half years ago at my local, now famous tree location!!! The below pic was taken in May 2013. This was also unfortunately the same month someone had stolen my JA-22-YJ plates... the one night I had to leave my car parked on the street due to house maintanence :(

I also attended 5 skid pans hitting a few cones while drifting and it flexed over the years scraping in and out of driveways meaning the bar/bog job slowly fall apart and has been the main thing I have so desperately wanted to fix as I felt it reflected my love for my car and I became ashamed of it. Learning to drift there was no point in buying a brand new bar and I was also ready to take drifting to the dry which meant I was bound to destroy it... So I was going to wait until after my first few dry experiences before I was going to spend the money and finally purchase a new bar for her.

THEN I hit a brick wall (Not literally)

The struggle...

Working close to 40 hours a week casually at a golf course I was all of a sudden offered a measly 6-12 hours a week, not even worth the 45 minute drive to get there. I went from $1,000 a week for over two years down to $120 if that. It became worse over a period of ten months with some weeks having not one shift. I hit rock bottom nearly needing to sell my car and all my camera gear to survive. 

I came back from a holiday and had zero shifts for weeks (due to the bosses friends now being hired). I had no leg to stand on being casual and no one seemed to really care. Luckily enough I had started job searching during my holidays applying for anything and everything and was called 3 months later with a permanent part time role with Bunnings! STABILITY! I was actually standing track side at wtac in 2014 when the call came through. This was the news I needed, having built up over $15,000 debt plus my initial loan to get my car I was finally in a position to start paying back my debts and achieving my dreams.   

Not Giving Up... 

Still passionate about photography and Still Motion Media I spent every spare cent I could attending events keeping our name strong in the automotive scene. Paying off my debts over the last few years we were slowly but surely getting there. Except I was missing one thing, my own fun! Fun to me is working on my cars, and being able to drive them. I'd love to drift competitively and I would really love to take part in race days, time attack and hill climb events, maybe a rally event or two but I'm a more of a tarmac girl, I like grip! 

As you can see in the above photo, I like to have fun in my cars!

It's Time... 

Always wanting the Rocket bunny kit for my car it was simply a dream and way out of my price range as my Silvia is my "race" car not my "show" car. One fine day a replica Rocket bunny kit came up on drift sales, exactly what I needed! Not having the funds at the time I was devastated but AMAZINGLY the drifters we have supported for over 4 years united. We did a deal for photos which enabled me to purchase my kit in January of this year! Forever grateful!  

We had the wing on (painted black) within a week and the rest had been prepped primed ready for purple paint...  and that's how it stayed for the last 11 months. 

With a very spontaneous trip to Japan early this year (who'd say no to running a muck in Japan with Luke Fink and family as well as visiting Shinji Minowa and Daigo Saito's workshops) we again struggled with funds upon returning home. Having so much time off work for events we often find ourselves taking leave without pay, dipping into our savings again living pay cheque to pay cheque. 

Fast forward a few months, now October, I found myself financially stable and in a position to finally paint my front bar, my mirrors and my wing purple! Though Optus and the bank had different ideas, they were owed some money I had forgotten about and were demanding repayments. Having my kit fitted and ready to go this set me back once again, my car left in the driveway just teasing me.

We will now no longer be fitting the wider guards. As per my luck in life a few days after fitment they began to crack up, Ash thought it was his prep work and got stuck into sanding them back though we have now been advised that it is not our doing and is due to the wrong materials being used in the moulding process. So unfortunately I am expecting the rest of this kit to do the same eventually. Seriously over my bad luck and the shit I deal with I have now just decided to suck it up, move on and have fun, drift the thing hard and let loose.

Last week I finally got paid again, not as much as usual as I had to take 3 days off for wtac as leave without pay AGAIN but I finally had enough to not only purchase paint but renew my cams licence and book a night of drifts for next weekend!!! A bit of a present to myself for all the shit I've dealt with...

With plans to save and eventually purchase and genuine Rocket Bunny front bar and wing next year who knows maybe the whole kit, I'm also looking to paint my Silvia and Mk1 Escort white (my dream car collection would be all white with red race seats, so time to get the wheels in motion) we have settled for a quick backyard job to have it looking the goods for now... Also a lot more fun then paying someone else to do it!

Well lets see how I go drifting this weekend with over 2 and a half years off! And let's hope I don't take out any cones... But hey at least it's my damage then! And I was having fun...YOLO 

Due to my drift night coming up quick and time running out we have decided to put the bar on as is, straight off the gun and will cut it back and give it a clear coat next week if time allows :)
While the bar was off it gave me a great opportunity to finally spend a couple hours in the sun and clean my intercooler properly, my next purchase, a new one! What do you recommend?