Rendezvous by Heasman Steering - Waterview, Homebush

This is an event I have desperatley longed to be at. I have seen the amount of pure beauty that turns up to these regular meets and have been in awe of the images I see filter through my newsfeed afterwards. Unfortunately with both of us working full time we often miss out on events due to just simply wanting that sleep in and a day off to achieve something around the house, work on our own cars or catch up on editing/blogging. Also photography is really my passion and I feel guilty making Ash get out of bed and go to "work" on his days off. Especially for a Cars and Coffee meet as they are usually held in and around Sydney starting at a sharp 7am meaning we would need to leave home by 6am, usually finishing up around 10am (the time we are normally getting out bed).

I had seen this particular event coming up at Waterview in Homebush a few weeks ago and had promised myself that I'd be there but had actually forgotten about it until Emerson from @pakin_imagery messaged through the night before reminding me, thank you so much man, respect right there! Discussing it with Ash he wasn't really keen on going at all...

Sunday morning I automatically woke at 6:30am I rolled over and asked Ash again if he was keen to go, he wasn't. Another ten minutes went by while I looked outside to the sun kissed clouds above, I asked myself will I regret not going. Stupid question of course I would, I have been so upset I keep missing events and decided I'm going with or without him. I got dressed, slapped on some face paint (my makeup) started the escort and away I went. 

I am so glad I did! With $36 in my account I was really hoping I didn't have to pay for parking as there went my lunch money for work Tuesday and Wednesday until I got paid again Thursday but luckily enough I arrived to free parking and was spoilt with cars to shoot! It was meant to be!

Before I even reached the main attraction I was snapping pics of cars I found scattered through the general carpark.

Knowing I had only two precious hours to shoot these beauties before they vanished I raced around and did my thing... I didn't really make eye contact with anyone and kept to myself, so I apologise if you saw me and I didn't acknowledge you. I thought about it afterwards and did feel a little rude but I was a girl on a mission completely zoned in on the breathtaking cars I had before me.   

A few lovely people actually came up and stopped me to introduce themselves as they had recognised me or my escort in the carpark and actually came looking for me! It was a pleasure to finally put some faces to names and meet you all! 

The guys at these events were all very genuine and humble, I was also approached by several people to do some photo shoots of their pride and joys, definitely something I really look forward to and reassured me that I need to be at these kind of events more often!  

10am rolled around fairly quickly and cars began to leave, I wasn't ready to leave though so I headed down the exit road and waited for these incredible machines to pass through allowing me to capture them once more before they left....

I will most definitely try to make the effort to be at many more car meets!

The Obsession Is Real! 

Write up and photography by Jasmynne Tudor