My first car show!

I had plans to finally attend my first drift night in a few years the coming Saturday night when Ash mentioned he wanted to attend a small ford club car show with our Escorts on the Sunday. With Ash he says a lot but rarely follows through, so I didnt think much of it until I came home from work Friday afternoon and he was cleaning up and polishing both our Escorts.

Ok, I guess we are going!

I finished cleaning up my Escort and we got to bed early Friday night ready for a big weekend! Smashing out a 9 hour shift Saturday, then 4 hours of drifting the Saturday night we wern't home until 11:30pm. Still on a drifter's high we didn't get to sleep for several more hours.
Alarms set for 6am we woke and moved out our congo line of cars leaving my broken Silvia in the carport waiting for us to return and fix her!

Filling up at the local servo we noticed a group of guys with their dirt bikes filling up and heading out for a boys day away from the mrs and family. While we were there filling up with both our retro classic cars heading for a car show together. I wouldn't want it any other way, even after 9 years together...

The car show was out Camden way at the local racecourse showground, just over an hour from our place. It was such a beautiful drive watching the sun rise over Camden area, with a view like no other. We swapped around leading roles a few times admiring each others ride and the pure bliss of driving alongside your partner in a similar car as yours. Definitely a great feeling indeed. It reminded me of the day we went drifting together, I actually spun out becuase I was enjoying looking beside me making eye contact with Ash. I actually lost thought of what I was doing, and spun in front of him...naww mushy mushy I know but seriously it is the best feeling in the world!

We arrived at the showground and I was blessed with another unreal view, pulling in I looked up and noticed not one but two escorts in my rear view mirror I was so excited I had to grab my phone and get a shot!

We then parked up in the visitor's area due to not actually being memebers of their club, well any club for that matter, we were just there to get a feel of the whole club day vibes and if it's something we wanted to be apart of more permanatly.

We cruised around and met a lot of people and checked out the other cars that arrived. A total of 72 cars made it out to the Small Ford Club meet which was really good to see! I was buggered and went and sat in my car, glasses on and was planning to get a few sneaky minutes of shut eye. Worst idea ever, not really but as soon as I sat in my car I was swamped with people wanting to know if it was my car, who we were as they hadn't seen us before (some actually knew exactly who we were from online) and well I got speaking to guys for hours about mods and what can be done to achive this and that, and the common thing I get told is to leave it standard! I'd be rich if I got a dollar for everytime I've heard that!

All in all it was a great day meeting like-minded car enthusiast, I'm actually really surprised how many people lean all over your car and look in and under everything hahaha sometimes I wish I was a fly on the hood listening to what they were saying and what they were pointing at. 

I was actually nominated to win a best visitor trophy until it was discussed that becuase I wasn't a member of a visiting club and not a member of any club for that matter I was not eligible to receive a trophy. I didn't even know you could win a trophy until I was told my name was removed from the list and it had to be re-drawn.

Oh well, we are looking to join up to the club after meeting such great people and there will be plenty more club meets to come, so I might get that trophy one day :)