Car Care Product test #1: Bowden's Own

After many great recommendations for car care products I decided to give Bowden's Own a try first. They are an Australian brand, which is amusingly evident in their product names (which I'll go through later), they have been highly rated by many of my followers and best of all they are easily accessed at my local SuperCheap Auto stores at a reasonable price. 

One of those things that  remind me I'm a girl, shopping for new products I just couldn't resist getting a purple bucket to match my car, we do weird stuff like that... 

Well what did I think?  

I wasn't going to use this product once and rave on about how great it is. That's just asking for attention. And personally I hate when people do that. So it's been about a month now since I purchased the products and I have washed my car 5 times and Ash has also washed his Escort. 

To start off with it as it's hard to miss but this Nanolicious wash smells delicious! I wanted to eat it... It bubbled up beautifully in the bucket and again on my car. Something my previous products didn't really do. I had to keep adding water splashes to get bubbles and it would disappear quite quickly and felt like I was just washing my car with water. 

As I washed my car I felt it was removing the dirt and grime with ease especially with the microfibre Muffy sponge ;)   

After hosing it down and letting it air dry a little, as I do, there were no awful bubble residue marks and was drying quite nicely on its own. But I was excited to finally have a chamois and this thing was a Little Ripper! Dried my car within minutes! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! See what I did there... haha my go to party trick when there is a towel lying around is to make it into a chicken or when we leave our hotel rooms I leave one on the bed to make the cleaner laugh :)

I was advised by Bowden's Own to use their Auto Body Cleanser as an alternative to polishing the car. I love trying new things and couldn't wait to give this a go! And what a product! Easy to apply and came off with ease leaving a beautiful gloss like finish. I was actually really impressed and look forward to seeing the long term results as I've only used this product twice! A few days after use it happened to rain and the beautiful bubbles of water that formed on my bonnet and ran off assured me that the product was indeed doing its job. 
I don't want to say this is my favourite product, don't get me wrong it is bloody good and I cannot wait to finish off the bottle, try something else and be able to really compare them! I look forward to finding the ultimate car care products to look after my Silvia and our two classic Escorts.

Just some of the great Aussie names Bowden's Own have for thei products:

Snow Job: Pre-wash snow foam

Nanolicious Wash: Car cleaner

Lazy Wax: Spray wax

Fully Slick: Detail spray

Wheely Clean: wheel cleaner

Bugger Off: Gets rid of kamikaze bugs

Rubber Off: cleans off rubber for all our Aussie Hoons, I mean track enthusiasts.

Pong-go: Eliminates odours... if you know why this is funny you're are cool!

Muffy: The microfibre sponge

Love Glove: Wash mitt

Little Ripper: Chamois

Super Bloody Huge Chamois: Biggest chamois ever!

Big Softie: microfibre cloth

Drop Bear: fluffy grey microfibre cloth

Just to name a few... They even named their bucket Bob!