As we sit here packing for a 9hr flight to Japan I can't help but think how small our world really is....
Having posted a few months back about wanting to cover a build I was messaged by a mate who knew of a guy at his gym who was about to start a 1952 F100 build. 

After exchanging details I soon worked out that Simon was in fact my former high school art teacher! 
Coincidently the car was being built by Daniel Hallam our childhood friend from D-Street Designs. 

Fast forward a couple months and a long story Dan has teamed up with the guys at OC Motorsports to create the best combo anyone could ask for. He posted a photo yesterday (Friday), I knew that there was only 1 Simon with an F100 build in the area, today I was there with my gear introducing myself to the guys and establishing an exciting relationship destined for success.

Above arrival images supplied by OC Motorsports...

Currently sitting on dummy 22" Simmons Dan has already got the crossmember fabricated and has made a start to the chassis rails to have this thing rolling asap... ready for its LSA conversion!


Cannot wait to get back from Japan and continue covering this build along with many more! 

Stay tuned....