Buying My First Classic Car...

As those following me would know I had purchased a Rocket bunny kit for my s14 January of this year and had big plans for the month of September. The kit was to be fitted, we were rolling the rear guards and finishing with a new coat of paint.

What happened? 

Well as I tend to go through money pretty quickly running my own business as well as day to day living expenses plus paying off built up debt from previous set backs, saving money for me is a lengthy process. With this time comes many thoughts and reassessments of what I'm doing....

My main goal and my interest in cars isn't for the "looks" and never has been but rather the driving experience and handling of the car, not to mention the heavenly sound of a lumpy cam, my weakness! So why am I about to spend close to $5,000 on looks and eventually another couple thousand on a new turbo, ecu, brake upgrade and the list goes on??? I feel I got caught up in the social media world of having things that look good. I've been so ashamed of my front bar for far too long now I jumped at the opportunity to have a full house rocketbunny kit and new paint? Why? To go drifting with my friends and get up on door with Ash...hmm... To partake in hillclimbs, knanacross events and track days...See my point...

So all this thinking had us talking throwing around a few ideas, and during this time you may have seen Ash and I went for a few drives in his mk1 escort. I do love driving his car, the rawness found in classic cars really drives my passion for the aggressive driving style I've learnt to love. After a particular drive I found myself on the classified pages looking them up! I found one! Instantly decided that's it I'm buying it, it was a mk2 with a worked pinto engine, wasn't registered, needed some work and it was all the way down in Melbourne. Some wise words came from Ash as to not buy the first one I see, take a chill pill and one will find me. Especially dealing with depression/anxiety he knew my decision to sell the Silvia and buy a classic could be one I'd regret and could easily send me in a state of mind I don't need to be in. So I settled on the idea, I imagined walking out in the morning and not seeing the S14 anymore. Ok I was getting used to this idea. A week later I was driving home from work in the Silvia and I remember saying out loud, I don't love you anymore, I do, but it's time to move on. I want something different. 

So again I was back on the classifieds looking up classic cars, except this time I was undecided between a datto or an escort. Do I stay true to my Japanese culture I love so much or do I go an escort to match with hubby's? 

This I sat on for a couple weeks, I had many great offers come through with people offering to sell me their pride and joys, cheap! Thank you very much to those people, I was overwhelmed with the selection of cars I had been offered. I had also found another mk2 escort a fair bit closer to home but again being around the $10k mark and needing work before it was eligible for registration. I mentioned on one of my snapchats I had actually left it all in fate's hands and offered the owner of this mk2 a swap for the S14 and we were exchanging details when conversation faded and went nowhere, neither of us pushing to really make the deal. Out of interest I then posted a wtb ad on a few Facebook pages.

THEN my phone lit up with a comment made by someone we did not know saying he had a 4 door mk1 escort for sale with 6 months rego. I asked for more details and I was sent photos with specs. Speechless with what I had just been offered Ash and I called Steve and were instantly sold! Only catch was it was 8 hours North of Sydney in this little town called Yamba, about an hour south of Byron Bay NSW. 

We could not possibly make it up there for at least two weeks. The longest two weeks of my life! I cannot thank Ash enough for holding me back and reminding me to not jump at the first car I see. To breathe, and let fate take the reigns. (I had almost purchased 4 cars before this offer...)

Well a mk1 escort had found me and it was time to decide whether I was selling the Silvia or not. I ultimately wanted to keep both and didnt want to ask Ash to sell his track car to make room in the driveway for mine. Though I did mentioned it as a "well we could always...." (hint hint) and it was decided. We will sell the RPS13 track car that has been driven twice in the 4 years of ownership which meant I WAS KEEPING THE SILVIA!!! 

With not much time to worry about selling the track car we moved it down the back temporarily. As our luck with life the Jeep's radiator had started leaking. With a cheap quick fix Ash got some bar leaks and sorted that out. Well the very next day he found a puddle of water under the car and soon realised the water pump had shit itself. No cheap fix available. Luckily Ash being very handy with cars he was able to order a new one and install it the next day. Unsure if the Jeep would even make it to Yamba, let alone if the escort would make it home, stress was high, is this a good idea? What if it's a piece of shit? What if they both blow up? (I think waayyy to much!) 

Sunday arrived, the alarm sounded at a nice 2am and we were off, making our way to Grafton for the night with plans to wake Monday and look at this car...finally! 

Heading up past Raleigh we knew there was a matsuri event on and mates were drifting, we had to stop in and check it out, say hello.

Continuing on up to Grafton we settled in to our cabin for the night and got a good night's sleep as we were both about to drive 9 hours home in our own cars. 

The alarm sounding off at 6am it was time to travel that last hour north to Yamba. Meeting with Steve and finally meeting my escort! It was love at first sight! Ash test drove it (again like my s14, he test drove it gave me the nod, I bought it) my first drive was out the driveway heading 9 hours home in a stock standard mk1 escort, 4sp manual powered by a 1300 Kent motor. It was quite funny now thinking about it I was strapped in as they were both showing me where my wipers, horn and lights were and I was set, actually hold up how do I put it in reverse? Once that was explained I backed out the drive way and we were Sydney bound! 

The trip was unbelievable! Both cars out performed our expectations and made it home safe and sound! The escort drove like a dream, sitting comfortably at 100 most of the way. One big worry of Ash's was that I was getting out of my turbo'd Silvia and into a car that has nearly 200hp less. And that I'd hate it by the time I got home, regretting the purchase. Well he was sooo wrong, I loved every minute of it, I have already driven it twice to work and I've only owned it 4 days :) 

What's happening with this car? I actually don't know, I had plans for it but now I'm in love with the stock vibes it gives. It will second as my daily to the Silvia and will be mostly used as a media car, allowing me to pile in my gear hassle free. We have a 1600 Kent motor down the back waiting for a build, we also have a single down draught weber and manifold to go straight on, but at the moment we will just take a breath and learn from our life lessons allowing fate to have some control. It's hard to do but can be so much fun! I feel I'm finally finding myself and that's come with not trying to control everything but rather enjoy life's unreal roller-coaster ride....