My First Location Shoot!

Ok so many of you reading that title would be like wait, what?

I was the same when I thought of it too. So yes I've been shooting cars and motorsports for nearly 9 years now! Yeah wow! Crazy, right? Professionally I have been in the "business" for 5 years. In this time we have followed events around Australia, been to Japan twice and all our images have come from these events and trips. I have not yet asked someone to bring their pride and joy out for a one on one location photo shoot. 

I feel extremely intimidated asking this question. I also live in the mountains and don't know too many people out my way with magazine worthy cars to really boost my portfolio, Out here we all need practical cars and many of my mate's tough cars are currently off the road or we are both never free at the same time. Don't get me wrong we do have some beautifu cars out west but again trying to find out who owns them or get the confidence to ask for a shoot always gets me tongue tied. And Im really fussy as to not really shoot cars that have already been shot by all the Sydney based photographers. And in locations that have also been used over and over... I want virgins! 

So when Dale messaged through approaching me about doing a shoot of his dad's r33 GTR for father's day I could not have said yes quick enough! Though with it being his dad's baby we couldn't risk taking it too far, and with us all working full time and having several different plans here and there the only time we could achieve this shoot was late Saturday afternoon. 

I raced home from work in my Escort, approaching my driveway I could see this GTR sitting patiently waiting for me opposite my driveway, the sun quickly setting behind the mountain I raced inside and grabbed the camera and raced back out to get some shots exactly where it sat before the sun completely disappeared behind the mountain! I am actually stoked with this shot and can't believe it was right out the front of my house! So impressed I had to recreate it with my own car the very next day as I had to wait a week (until father's day) to share these photos with you all. 

We piled in and boy did I fall in love. Dale gave it a hit and I sunk so far back into the seat I got "fat neck" haha personal joke after my instagram story was posted we couldn't stop laughing at my "fat neck" accompanied by a giggle and a smile from ear to ear.

We headed down to the local lowlands where I noticed the sun was just above the mountain again, as we had come down the hill the sun was now still visible, only just, which meant I had one more shot at a sun flare. I literally ordered Dale to pull over here, like now! Demanding the boys out of the car "Alright OUT! Quick, like hurry up" haha (they love me) I took another couple shots and minutes later the sun was gone. 

This car was bought and built to be driven daily, and it was! Cradling a 2.7L stoker making 370kw at all 4 wheels on a safe tune! She's sitting on 18x10.5 rims with hankook RS3 semi's (285/35/18). I could honestly really notice the tyres even as passenger, you felt some what safe, glued to the road. The suspension set up is standard apart from the aftermarket Tein coilovers. With the perfect balance and just enough mods this car has been owned and enjoyed by Daron for 16 years! 

A few more shots were taken locally before we finished up at the heights lookout. What an enjoyable drive up and back down Bellbird Hill in the r33 GTR (a must drive! If you have never heard of Bellbird Hill or the heights lookout, you are missing out).   

I really hope Dad likes his photos (Hi Dale's dad, I know you're being shown this, and don't worry Dale is probably more protective of her then you are!) also thanks to Dale for asking me to do the shoot and breaking the ice with such an awesome experience that has given me the determination to simply ask that question, what can they say? No, ok move on to the next one....

I'm seriously proud of this shoot as it was after a long week of work, we had no light and it was a black car, BLACK EVERYTHING! Not to mention my external flash was broken and I was waiting for my new one to arrive! (which it did only 2 days later!) Oh and I had left my torches on the ground in the driveway because I was so distracted by the sun flare shot!. I can only hope to drive a GTR one day and truly experience what it has to offer...


And please if you are local to Sydney or surrounds send us a message, we would love to shoot some more cars one on one! I'm sure you have seen our cars in some unreeal locations over the past year, I want these to be of your car too! 

Call me!