Forest hangs in the Escort...

So Sunday was the first day of 2017. I had a few ideas for how to bring in the new year, but we decided to do something we haven't done in a long time together. We got fairly drunk and I woke up in a puddle of vodka cuddling an Absolute bottle and no Ash in sight, after two missed calls he finally answered and was sound asleep with the puppy's in the back toilet, outside. We completely missed the fireworks and definitely had a good night, so best we not drive anywhere on Sunday, so we decided on a quiet one cleaning up the Escort and to charge batteries ready for a day our Monday.

So Monday seen us wake up early and take the Escort out to play in her natural habitat, an old playground of ours, the state forest. 

Though once we arrived at our first location I quickly realised I had left my charged batteries, my mic and empty memory cards at home! I got way too excited and raced out the door leaving it all on the bench at home :( 

Luckily I had half a battery left and my memory card wasn't quite full from the previous shoot so Ash got some stunning photos of me with my car to help boost the lacking self confidence I have with myself. I've actually gained nearly 14kgs in a year and I know I'm far from fat, but when you were a skinny rake at 42kgs and now pushing 56kgs you tend to feel, well heavier, fatter. I love my size, don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to be a "fat 8" though toned, not podgy haha

We drove around the state forest bringing back some great memories and making new ones along the way! Ash used to attend rally events when I first met him, and a lot of were held around Hampton and the Jenolan state forest. This is where my passion for Motorsport photography was sparked over 9 years ago and has left me with a soft spot for this area, as well as the amazing Jenolan caves (we've explored over 5 of the.....  Caves) and spectacular Kanangra area. 

I even did my very first donut!

One of the great memories brought back was our crazy days in the front wheel drive charade. One in particular we decided to go play in the rain, what else do you do when it's raining? Well we were thrashing around the open roads of the state forest having a ball of fun and let's just say ended up crossing the main road unknowingly at speed. Watch video below...


Well we will have to come back next week with batteries and memory cards and make that video we had planned for the start of our Get Lost series! So stay tuned!