Get Lost in the Southern Highlands

So as stated in a previous blog we were supposed to head back out to Jenolan state forest and make our video, though someone else decided to get in first, heading out the very next weekend to the exact same location and beat us to our own adventure... Pretty sad aye?

Anyways we picked another location and will leave the Jenolan state forest for another time!

As we have Sunday's and Monday's off work we go exploring Monday as it tends to be less crowded and the roads are much quieter. So Monday had us sleeping in and heading on a road trip down south to the Southern Highlands for a golden glow sunset WITH CHARGED BATTERIES, MEMORY CARDS AND MIC (which I had forgotten last trip) to have a go at Vlogging a day trip and begin our Get Lost series as well as capturing some beautiful images to share with you all.  

Ash and I have actually explored most of NSW over the 9.5 years together, in fact we have seen over 60 waterfalls in NSW alone! And have completed most bushwalking tracks under the 6 hour mark. We have had some great memories and seen some of NSW's most beautiful locations and have no idea where they are to take you back. When the sign said go left, we went right, we followed any trail off the main tracks which has in fact had us lost many times, without water and without reception, once walking over 12km to find ourselves at a highway... We want to take you guys not only to rad car events but rad places to find your Zen, to shut off from the world and embrace the beauty of nature. 

This particular trip we wanted to take you to Fitzroy Falls and Carrington Falls (my car wouldn't make it down to Belmore Falls from memory so we didn't even try). Arriving at Fitzroy was a disappointment it was barely flowing, so we will go back at a later date. And Carrington was closed due to bush fires which made parts of the track unsafe. This shitty quality FB saved pic below was Fitzroy back in 2009, 8 years ago! I'm actually waiting to get a new part to fix a broken hard drive containing all our photos from 2008-2012! And I can share more with you!

Knowing there wasn't much water about and the trip was becoming one big drive, definitely not complaining, the roads down here are sensational, I can't stress this enough the roads weaving in and out of the valley, up and down the mountains are some of the best in NSW! (stay tuned for my Drive series coming soon, where we take you on some of NSW'S best drives. Probably shouldn't have said that, my copycat might beat me to it haha) 

Well with not much excitement happening we decided to check out Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk. A must visit when exploring the Southern Highlands. The Tree Top Walk is nestled in the treetop canopy some 20-30 metres above ground level. With Knights Tower taking you to a breathtaking 45 metres above the forest floor and 710m above sea level, looking over Wollongong and out to the Australian coastline. They also now offer a zipline experience! Something I can't wait to try out!

Again some cool FB saved photos from back in 2009 from our last adventure down this way, as you can see I got Ash up that tower last time! Did I this time? You'll have to watch the video at the end to find out!

And some new photos for our collection...

From there we drove around and explored the local roads, finding an amazing lookout and scouting for the perfect location waiting for the magical golden glow to appear.

Finding the perfect location we sat and waited, and much to our disappointment we sat and watched a huge cloud front come in and cover the sun only half an hour prior to that golden hour... Jaz's luck strikes again! Though it did make for moody shots, just not the shot I wanted...

All in all it was a great day out with my amazing husband and we got to practice using the new gimbal and making videos, even though we completely forgot to film half the trip, having too much fun! And we will be back down here during the wet season anyways to show you these waterfalls in full flow!   

Enjoy my video from the day's shenanigans!