Hakosuka Taxi

After a cold, wet and late night at the Lamborghini launch a well deserved sleep in was had. Now feeling fresh and ready for more adventures I opened the blinds and guess what? STILL RAINING! 

Time for edits and chill, write a blog or two and make some videos. 

With the rain later easing and the radar not showing much more on the way our good friend Shin messaged asking us if we wanted to head out to Daikoku Pa in his Hakosuka! Um silly question, of course we wanted to!  


The plan was to meet him at a train station near his work where he would pick us up and take us to the notorious carpark. Having no idea where we were or if we were even the right place we waited some ten minutes before the sweet sweet sound of an l28 echoed through the streets! Our taxi had arrived!!! After a few years of online chats we finally got to meet Shin and his "famous" drift Hakosuka. First things first I could not get over the stance and sound of this car! I had not seen a Hakosuka with suck a stance in real life before, this car is so wide. All the ones in Australia are fairly standard or to regulations due to our very strict police, especially when it comes to modified cars! 


Getting in I knew very quickly I was in a drift car. Besides the obvious cage it was the clunking of the locked diff that had me in giggles. I see hakosuka's as old classics with a sense of gentleness about them. Which most definitely was not the case here. Shin's car has been highly modified to be a reliable car set up perfectly for drifting. Going as far as replacing the whole rear floor pan, cradle and all round suspension to S13. 

Mod list including:  

3 series running triple carbies

S13 crossmember

S13 brakes all round  

S13 steering  

Rb20 box from an r32

Shortened S13 tailshaft  - Just to name a few  

Now you can see why being a known hakosuka fan I had to meet Shin and his car! 

It wasn't long before we were heading up over the bridge and down into Daikoku PA. Somewhat disappointed as I could have listen to it all night long. We parked up and noticed that the tyre was rubbing quite badly due to our fat Aussie butts so a quick tyre change was needed. Yes he had spare tyres, don't you carry two spare tyres around in case you pick up two heavy Aussies...

While the guys did that I got us all a coffee. It seems to be the thing you do here. If you are standing around talking you do it with coffee in your hands..  

Being 6pm it was still very early for Daikoku as the party doesn't normally kick off until about 9pm. And the rain clouds were still lingering. 

7pm came and the carpark was still fairly empty with no indication that it was going to liven up anytime soon. With hungry bellies we decided to make a raincheck and go for some dinner and beers instead.  

Shin took us to his local restaurant where we tried many new foods, all of which were AMAZING! Battling the language barrier quite well we had some great laughs with Shin speaking and understanding English quite well, if I didn't speak too fast!  


A few beers later it was now 10pm and time for us to get the train back to our hotel.  

But don't worry that's not the last you will see of this car! We will be attending a drift day at Nikko circuit in a few weeks to experience the Hakosuka drift!!! I cannot wait!