You may have seen pictures of these cars floating around the socials. Or you may have even watched the YouTube videos where vloggers have found this carpark full of crazy modified Japanese supercars. 

I also had to find this carpark and try my luck. By that I mean 1: can I get in there and 2: how long can I be in there before security kicks me out!  

With a little bit of research and snooping through the internet I found the location. With endless rain on the radar (what a surprise!) we decided to make our way through Tokyo with a quick stop at Harajuku for Takoyaki 🐙 before heading to the carpark.  


Well I thought we were heading to the carpark... Turns out the original name I found was in fact not the name but was oh so similar. It was ok though because we were only a few blocks away so we made our way over. And there was still a gorgeous Aventador sitting in the carpark. 

Luckily as we were approaching the building I watched the carpark security officer walk into the building's entrance with a lady. A quick glance at each other followed by a cheeky smile we simultaneously picked up the pace and were in!

First spotting 3 standard supercars I was really hoping it was the one. My hopes were most definitely confirmed when I walked around the corner and spotted this jaw dropping gold aventador parked alongside a fluorescent pink aventador!!!  


I had died and gone to heaven!!! Day 3 in Japan and this is what I had already found!!!  

With all these beauties sleeping in the lower floor I couldn't wait to make my way up to the second floor.  

Creeping around, constantly checking over my shoulder I quickly snapped basic pictures as well as a quick vlog. I now wanted to make my way around getting detailed shots of the cars and venture up a level when I heard footsteps heading straight for me. BUSTED! 

Security had found us and with a cross of his arms and probably the only English he knew he said "no photo" and gestured us to leave. Not overly concerned though he continued on and left us there to make our own way out. 


Not wanting to push our limits we decided to make our way out onto the rainy streets of Tokyo and go back to our hotel where I couldn't wait to edit and post some photos.  

Shortly after my post I received a message from one of my Facebook friends saying that the pink Aventador was his car!!! Speechless and dumbfounded I didn't even stop to think that any of these cars could have been one of my 100+ Japanese friends.  

So fingers crossed we have now organised to meet up with him and hopefully some friends at a later date so I can get some shots without the threat of security kicking us out... ***happy dance***

Stay tuned for that one!!  

Side note: I did end up meeting back up one of these cars, so stay tuned to see which one!