Wingworks visit

After a hectic first week in Tokyo it was now time for us to head up North to Fukushima for one reason only! An exclusive photoshoot and drift experience...

Still raining, yep our first 7 days in Japan was endless rain! And to be frank we were most definitely over it by now. But anywho we didn't let it stop us. Ash was reading fuel magazine back in Australia the month before we left and came across a car we both loved! And best of all it had his details and where to find him on the socials.  

After a quick message Hosoi-san could not be more welcoming and invited us to stop in on our way up to Fukushima.  

An offer too good to refuse that's exactly what we did.  

Arriving to the sight of 4 beautiful cars was most definitely exciting! With his zokusha styled celica grabbing our attention first followed by a rad little Datsun cherry as well and 2 hakosuka skylines.


After a quick photo we were welcomed in to his shop out of the rain and shown all the random cool things he had, including some very old collectable models as well as Liberty Walk merchandise. I was in heaven and could have spent all our holiday money within minutes! But with 6 weeks still to go we had to hold back and tell ourselves next time...

Having oooh'd and arrrgh'd at everything in the store (over a coffee) we headed out to the shed where his 18 year old son's Kyusha styled celica surpa was tucked away. 


Not bad for a first car hey?  

Seeing our passion and lack of care of the rain Hosoi-san disappeared, returning with the keys to his zokusha car. Bringing it over to the shed for us to have a closer look at and telling us as much as he could in broken English. 


I was under the impression that he had two cars, a zokusha styled one and a works styled car. But in fact it is the one car! The long nose piece comes off, the large wing is removed, the pipes slide off, the rear guards are removed and replaced by the works guards as well as a much smaller front lip. Seriously one of the coolest features of this car, as you can choose what style you want and mix it up!  

Unfortunately it was quickly getting late and we still had a 3 hour drive ahead of us with an early rise the next day so sadly we had to give many thanks and move on to the next adventure. 

But once again making friends for life it won't be the last you see of these cars and we will be back to assist in a private shoot for their 2018 calender!  

Stay tuned for that!