Bullrush Rally Drive Day: My First Supercar Experience

Scrolling through my instagram feed I was luckily granted a chance to see Simon's post about an upcoming Bullrush Rally drive day. Does anyone else hate the new Instagram where it shows you "popular" content rather than in time order like it used to? 

Now I have been wanting to attend the annual Bullrush Rally coastal drive for a couple years now and have been speaking with Simon for some time about doing so. Though getting time off work with my busy schedule becomes hard. And gaining a passenger seat in a supercar is just that little bit harder!   

This particular drive day was being held on a Saturday, a day I normally work except I had already organised time off for the Madmax Interceptor build. And luckily for me the guys ended up travelling to Newcastle to pick up the car which left me with Saturday free! SCORE! 

So it was a no brainer, I contacted Simon and got the details of the cruise. Now to organise a passenger ride.   

I contacted Andre, owner of an orange Lamborghini Diablo and asked if he was attending, which he was but had a passenger lined up already who was 50/50. So a few days had passed and it was edging closer to the day and I still had no passenger seat, so the plan was to drive along ahead of the group on my own. Messaging Andre about the days plans I happened to ask if his passenger was still attending, they weren't! Which meant I had a passenger seat in my first ever supercar. And what a car! A throaty v12 Diablo vt 6.0, one of only a few in Australia.

So the 8 hour day started at Bunnings Belrose, our meeting point and we headed down to the Spit Reserve carpark in Mosman to meet up with the other cars. Driving around and pulling in I felt like royalty, cameras everywhere all pointing at us! And looking into the shop window reflection I could see why.

After a quick coffee (well in my case Red Bull, I don't drink coffee), a bunch of photos, oooo's and aahhh's came a brief of the days itinerary.

Then it was time to jump in our cars and make our way to the first meeting point, the Cowan truck stop to regroup before making our way down to Wiseman's Ferry for lunch.

We left Cowan truck stop with a lead car cruising ahead, keeping an eye out for "cyclists" and "road hazards" of course.

This is where I got to finally hear the v12 beast roar. What a sound, what a feeling, what an experience! Something I wont forget anytime soon that's for sure.

This car handled beautifully cruising down the valley to the river in a line up of over 30 elite cars.

You could really feel the grip on the road with the 235/35 x18" tyres on front and the 335/35 x 18" on the rear, yep you read that correctly 335's on the rear so that's a 13" wide tyre, the widest standard tyre you can buy, times 2, there is 26 inches of tyre sticking the rear end to the road. The Diablo admirably hugged the corners and excitingly gripped up under power! I remember one moment we approached a pot hole, as I do in my car I cringed and braced for the awful (I'm making the da donk sound but can't think of the words to describe that so lets go with da donk), but nothing, we literally just rolled over it as if it weren't there!

No one at all seemed fussed with the outside temperature rising hitting the mid 40's and climbing every minute. But why would we care, we were all in luxury cars with the air con pumping keeping us cool. To the point I got out of the Diablo and my camera's lens instantly fogged up with the temperature difference.

For me one of the most enjoyable parts of the day was travelling across Wiseman's Ferry with let's just say a couple million dollars worth of cars! The looks from the other passing Ferry passengers was priceless, phones raised capturing photos to show their friend's and for once I wasn't on the passing Ferry looking over in awe, I was on the ferry dreams are made of! 

A stop at Busby's Café for lunch and a chat with the other drivers was great! So many genuine humble guys happy to give me a moment of their time and find out who I was. 

With full bellies and temperatures reaching 46'C it was time for everyone to make their way to Pier One for some refreshments. Though many including us veered off from the group making our way back home to relax after a very hot adventurous day. 

But I wasn't quite finished enjoying my first supercar experience yet so as Andre was pulling up to drop me off I had asked him if he could spare a couple minutes before picking up his kids so I could get some photos in the docking station I had spotted earlier that morning. 

After being in the sun for only 10 minutes I was in fact glistening more than his gorgeous wrap which meant it was time to say goodbye and part our way. 

I seriously cannot thank Andre enough for allowing me, a complete stranger to jump on board as passenger and spend 8 hours with me, some random chick he met on Instagram! Hopefully this won't be the last of my supercar experiences and hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of piloting such a beast and even better, one I can call my own! There is no harm in dreaming right? 

So all in all I had a FANTASTIC day surrounded by awesome people and beautiful cars. I tried to juggle photography, vlogging, building up my car knowledge and most importantly I focused on networking and not being stuck hidden behind a camera all day and actually engage myself in conversation with like minded car enthusiast. I really need to pick an avenue of media and do only that to the best of my ability, but the problem there is I enjoy photography and I am loving the vlog side of things too, so for the moment I will pursue both and just become better!