Product Test #2: Adam's Polishes

Having a great passion for cars and owning two beautiful beasts, admittedly I had never really cared about the products I was using on them! This all changed when I purchased my Escort. Being an old school classic with original paint I wanted to preserve it.

Reaching out to you guys a while back I found out what you were all using and recommended. With my first trial near complete I was getting low on products and thinking of what to try next going back to my original post to re-read all of your suggestions. Oddly enough it was like Shine Shield Delivered were reading my thoughts and sent through a message asking if I would like to try Adam's Polishes.

Without hesitation I replied with and absolute YES! After giving them my details I arrived home the VERY NEXT DAY to a care package! 10 points for fast delivery guys! Extremely impressed!

Shine Shield Delivered are a Sydney based company specialising in paint correction, paint protection and detailing classic, exotic, rare and daily vehicles. They even come to you!

Unboxing my package and seeing the colours combined with the smells, yes I love the smell of things, weird maybe but I could not wait to use and review! Though with Summer coming to an end the seasonal Autumn rains arrived and drenched Sydney for several weeks on end which made washing my car near impossible. Close to 3 weeks of constant rain went by before I was finally able to wash my car and put the products to the ultimate test with my babies being absolutely FILTHY!

Using Adam's Polishes I had high expectation with many great reviews and users. And I was not disappointed, their products definitely live up to their reputation! From the initial foam up in the bucket, the amazing smells (seriously edible, don't eat it though, pretty sure it could make you sick) and the wash pad, WOW what a pad! I don't think I'll ever use a sponge again. This thing is so nice to touch and you just know it is looking after your car with every motion. Though I did find some grit getting caught up in the fibres so I would really love to try their two bucket wash system. The best thing about Adam's Polishes is that they have many videos readily available online to watch and learn how to use their products correctly giving your vehicle the ultimate clean.

I find when my cars are clean I feel clean and fresh. I don't know about you but I feel so ashamed driving a dirty car, especially when you guys spot me out and about and send through a photo and they are covered in muck and looking their worst. But that's murphy's law isn't it? Like when you duck up the street in your daggys, no make up and bed hair you are bound to run into everyone!

Another two weeks of rain went by and my Silvia was looking like a pig in mud. With more rain predicted I decided to seize the afternoon of sunshine to give her a quick wash before the next front arrived. Which meant I did not bother to dry. This is where I got to test the product on a new level. We all have busy lives and sometimes don't have time to wash and detail our cars as often as we'd like and sneak into the automatic drive through car wash which I am guilty of. But after her quick wash and an overnight downpour I was expecting her to be quite dirty again. The next morning actually brought some rare sunshine for a few hours and she was glistening! I was actually truly surprised to see it looking so clean, giving Adam's Polishes a big tick for me!

A few washes later I am still extremely happy with this product and definitely recommend it. I would love to try their complete range and look into getting myself a pressure washer and trying their foam cleaner. I would also like to develop my detailing skills and looking into getting a decent buffer/polisher so if you've used one of these please leave a recommendation below! 

Be sure to jump onto their website and see what products will suit your needs! And make sure to check out their videos while you are there, even if you're not currently using their products as their videos might help you change your routine and keep your car looking nice and clean.
And thanks again to Shine Shield Delivered and Adam's Polishes Australia for hooking me up with such a great product!