Bullrush Rally Drive Day 2

I attended my first Bullrush Rally Drive Day only 2 months ago where I had my supercar cherry popped in the beautiful v12 Lamborghini Diablo owned by Andre. I have been wanting to attend one of these days for so long and after this day out I knew I had to attend more! So as soon as the next event popped up I knew I was going, except there was a great chance I wouldn't actually make this one. I work Saturdays, in retail (our busiest day) and only had the first one off by chance. And although my work understands my business and dreams I had already had 2 weekends off this month and was hesitant in asking for a 3rd Saturday off in a month! With a pretty please and flutter of the eye lids I thankfully got the day off.

I contacted Simon and asked if he had a free passenger seat in his 911 Porsche and he shortly got back to me letting me know that it was indeed free! SCORE! I had a passenger seat in the lead car and it was a convertible to top it off (haha see what I did there, I actually didn't mean to do that).

The day was starting at Mrs Macquarie's chair in Sydney at 7am, leaving by 8am. If I left early enough it would only be an hour trip in for me but if I left after a certain point it would be a horrendous 1.5hr + trip so I decided to get up super early and get a few sunrise photos along with trying a time lapse for a video. Arriving I was quite disappointed with the lack of clouds but decided to try one anyway.

Venturing back up to the road I noticed the first lot of cars started to arrive and fill Mrs Mac's loop!

With a schedule to keep to briefing was had and we were off! Now working our way through the city traffic heading for the Royal National Park.

With a few getting lost and falling behind we pulled up at the beginning of the National Park's pass to allow everyone to re-group and take it on together!    

What a road! I have driven this road once myself and didn't know it well enough to attack it with aggression. But being in the twin turbo 911 was another new breathtaking experience. This car blew me away. Admittedly I am very fussy when it come to Porsche and only truly love a handful of their cars, maybe even less. I even interrogated Simon as to why he sold his Lamborghini to buy a Porsche (Safety reasons if you also wanted to know the answer). Well I have officially been converted. Yes Simon can drive, but this car was sensational in every aspect, it accelerated hard, cornered like a dream and braked with trust. There were honestly two corners I thought we were going to run wide and it pulled up and handled them like a boss! It left me quite speechless as to how smooth this car truly was! I was filming hand held with my phone and there was minimal bouncing and swaying about, my footage looked as though I had a gimbal!

I can only hope to drive one some day to experience it for myself! Yes looks are a big factor when it comes to my love for cars but I truly look deeper and look to its sounds, power, handling and braking to genuinely fall in love with a car. And lets be honest here, you buy a car to drive the car don't you, you don't buy a car to look at it... well we do to an extent but if it's a shit driving experience do you love it? Nope!

Heading south through the Royal National Park pass leads you to the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge. A structure known worldwide for the way it snakes around the coal cliffs and above the ocean below. A place I have been wanting to visit for years and have never made the trek down. Speaking with Simon we both wanted the convoy cruising along this bridge to be captured but with limited spots to stop we decided to just stop mid bridge with only the convoy of cars behind us (guided by radio) and have them slowly come up for a few shots, but after a few kind words from some lovely ladies walking by talking about the size of our well... gentiles (they obviously were quite silly because girls don't have Pee...n...ses) but Simon decided to kick me out mid bridge and to park up ahead off the bridge and to the side deciding someone else can lead the crew to our next meeting point only 10 minutes ahead at Hungry Jacks.

When there is nearly 60 cars parked in Hungry Jacks and 80+ people inside waiting to order why wouldn't you just go through the drive through??? Well Andre decided that would be the quickest option...

With everyone re-grouped and fed it was time to take on the next leg, making our way further down the coast and then inland driving through some of Kangaroo Valley's best roads! I couldn't be happier with my choice of car to go passenger in at this point capturing some great photos! Except I actually kept forgetting that there was no roof and would shoot through the windscreen rather than above it with Simon reminded me a few times... Thanks Simon!

Lunch was at Peppers lodge in Bowral where they had assigned us a beautiful parking location filled with Autumn colour which of course excited me as Autumn is most definitely my favourite time of the year! So please anyone with a nice car, we only have a couple weeks of colour left so lets go shoot!!!

Buffet lunch done, bellies filled, no fines or trouble it was time to all say goodbye and safely make our way home. Simon had to head back to Sydney and straight to the airport to make a 5pm flight to QLD ready for their Bullrush Rally Drive Day on Sunday (the very next day!). To ensure he made his flight I hustled Andre to take me back as he had a spare seat and I needed to get to my car somehow. I am very thankful for that and appreciate it a lot! Being up since 4am I did not feel like battling Sydney's trains from the airport to the Domain and try and find my car, I don't do the city well and get lost very easily...

So hats off to Marko, Simon, Oskar & Matt for another great drive day! I seriously had a FANTASTIC day and look forward to the next one!

Due to copyright laws YouTube banned my video so I uploaded it to my Facebook page because I liked the song too much to change it! So that can be viewed >>>here<<< OR by clicking the image below!