Over the years I’ve watched hundreds if not thousands of videos of drifting in Japan. One of my favourite moments is watching the media and how close they can get to the action with one particular video in mind of the cars drifting circles around the camera man. This had me so envious and determined to one day be fortunate enough to be apart of this world which seemed to have little if any rules.

Well that dream came true. Knowing we were heading to Japan I had been speaking with Christian Pickering about drift events when he mentioned Super-D. Me being me I probed more and found out he was co-sponsor and may be able to get me in as media. Not getting my hopes up it was only a few days before the event that the confirmation came through that thanks to Christian and Shane I was in fact about have my dreams come true!!!

super D-3.JPG

November the 3rd arrived which meant it was time wake up early and head to Meihan Sportsland, the home of team burst, crazy trains and many famous YouTube videos. I collected my media pass, a piece of paper tied to a shoe string and apparently I was ready to go! No paperwork, no vest and a briefing I could not understand…

Having over 10 years experience with events, especially drifting I knew what was expected of me but being in another country with completely different standards I sat back for 10 minutes, watched the locals and shot some cool morning photos…

super D-2.JPG
super D-14.JPG
super D-16.JPG

Slowly making my way closer and closer to the track…

super D-22.JPG
super D-20.JPG

This event was made extra awesome with the amount of special guests like Julian Jacobs, Splash and some of our own Aussie boys were there and of course the locals Miki, Naoki, Team Burst, Toshigogo (GoGo180), and many more. Not used to the track just yet unfortunately the boys from Shirts Tucked In ended up kissing the wall within the first few laps which put them out for the weekend :(

super D-23.JPG
super D-55.JPG

There were also a handful of female drifters at this event as well and I developed a mad girl crush on this bad ass driver who threw quite a big, heavy car around the track with style, an aggressive but smooth style dare I say…

super D-94.JPG
super D-99.JPG
super D-121.JPG
super D-125.JPG

Such a sad moment when my crush hit the wall putting her out for the weekend :( Of course I was panning but you get the idea…

super D-138.JPG

This particular part of the track absolutely blew my mind! The driver would throw the car in with such speed and angle, hitting this ripple strip which sent them 3 wheeling into the air and shot them into the high speed straight between two concrete walls. Get this corner wrong you are in deep shit!

super D-147.JPG
super D-153.JPG
super D-157.JPG
super D-168.JPG
super D-197.JPG
super D-211.JPG
super D-218.JPG

MY FAVOURITE PHOTO FROM THE EVENT!!! Even though I wish I had of captured more of the car in focus I still love the sparks, the colours and the focus on the driver’s door!

super D-248.JPG
super D-178.JPG

With practice and qualifying done and dusted it was finally time to get into some battles! I’m not exactly sure how the battles and qualifying system works at this event but I still enjoyed the show.

super D-252.JPG
super D-253.JPG
super D-260.JPG
super D-271.JPG
super D-261.JPG
super D-264.JPG
super D-274.JPG

Of course I was panning again wasn’t I?

super D-294.JPG
super D-296.JPG
super D-292.JPG

I’m pretty sure Miki won! (Don’t quote me on it though, I don’t understand Japanese)

But they battled it out, with a few re-runs and then went onto what I believe to be team drift in groups of 3, followed by expression session! Which meant the famous Meihan TRAINS!!!

super D-309.JPG
super D-314.JPG
super D-326.JPG
super D-338.JPG
super D-345.JPG

I still can’t believe how close you can get to the action here as media! Completely out of focus photo but I had to share it for the WTF factor!

BY @jaz_mynn_-1-47.jpg
super D-346.JPG
super D-331.JPG
super D-321.JPG

Let the trains begin! Time to move back to a safer spot :)

super D-351.JPG
super D-356.JPG

What an experience, what an event, what a country!!! My dreams came true this day and it is one I’ll never forget. 10 years of shooting drifting finally payed off, so thank you again to Christian and Shane for also making this happen and allowing me to represent Australia as media. My only regret was not jumping in one of the cars for a quick passenger run, but hey there will always be next time!

Above I’ve shared a bunch of my favs from the day but below you will find the entire gallery of images I captured and soon I should have a quick vlog, not exactly the best one I’ve done but I am only one person who got way too snap happy I kind of forget to film :(