Honda MCA 5 Hour Enduro

Sunday came and we decided to do something completely different. We made our way out to Sydney Motorsport Park to support Dylan's good friend Jack in Round 3 of the HONDA MCA Series,. This was the final round of the NSW State Championships and a round of the GP Juniors. I had never actually watched or photographed bikes before and was quite excited to see how I'd go. 

Normally a 3 man team Jack Passfield and Tom Edwards decided to tackle their first enduro as an impressive two man team.

Running 600cc's against 1000cc's the guys were feeling pretty pumped with an 8th outright qualifier with a good shot at winning their class (Tom already winning his class in the 1 hour earlier in the day on his 300). The schedule delayed they were both eagerly awaiting for the juniors to finish and begin their race with the sunlight disappearing, looking like they were not going to complete the whole 5 hours before darkness set upon the track.  

ride day-3.jpg

Adrenalin high it was time to gear up and make their way to the start line where Tom was starting the enduro off with a running race start. I must say this was pretty cool to witness and definitely had the guys a little concerned as they had never done such a thing. It couldn't have phased them too much though as they got a clean start in the top 5. 

ride day-5.jpg

~200km/h pans down the straight :) 

ride day-4.jpg

With time ticking away the guys pushed hard lap after lap, making the necessary, regulated pit stops. We stayed out on track for most of the event with no clue as to who was coming what, snapping only a handful of photos due my sinus' playing up which meant I watched most of it from the comfort of the car between turn 2 and 3. But I must say I was very impressed with what I managed to capture and can't wait to attend more bike related events, hopefully with a media pass. 

ride day-29.jpg
ride day-18.jpg
ride day-45.jpg

As the sun set behind the mountains it provided a beautiful orange glow but also very quickly became to dangerous to ride meaning it was called early and the noisy track turned to silence as we made our way back to the pits keen to see how Jack and Tom finished up. 

ride day-47.jpg

Impressively they finished up 2nd in the 600 class and 7th overall! Not bad considering they had not ridden so hard for so long before! 

Can't wait for the next one! 

Some words from Jack - "Had an awesome day at the Sydney 5 hour. Big thanks to Tom Edwards for getting me to do it and riding so well. We ended up 2nd in the 600 class and 7th overall. Would have liked to be going a second quicker but was happy with how consistent I was for the long stints on the bike. Definitely respect the guys that race enduros professionally  "


and Tom - "Heaps of fun today at Sydney 5 hour on the R6 also doing the 1 hour on the R3 taking the win in the 300 class and 2nd on the 600 - my first endurance race and I loved it. Thanks to Bikebiz for helping me out with some spare parts making it easier. Thanks to Frank Pons for helping me with the set up through the day, Max and Jack for helping me today couldn’t have done it without you both!


Photos I captured of the other riders: