For the 4th time I have been published in a magazine, except this time was by far the best and most exciting one for different reasons to the rest.

My first ever published photos were in Street Machine Magazine back in 2012, my second being in a golf architecture magazine for a brand new local golf course, my third being in Drift Tengoku (a Japanese drifting magazine). But my fourth, was Unique Cars Magazine along side Dylan!

Why was this one extra special? Well… this was our very first ever photoshoot together. We had worked alongside each other for only 2 months shooting two Drift School days and I had taken him to one event to learn the camera and the settings. Next thing I knew we were being invited along with our friends to cruise the Blue Mountains and take some photos. Yes there was talk of it being pushed to print but like many other promises I actually didn’t think it would. I think Iv’e been told my photos will be sent to print nearly 20 times, with only 4 ever actually making it. So I definitely didn’t give these photos 100% and more or less went along with the flow and spent a great day out with friends. Rather than control the time of day we went and the locations, as a few places were quite busy and we had a very harsh sunlight, not ideal for photography at all.

But this achievement set the bar very high for us and our future so the next goal is to get our photos and our very own article sent to print in 2019!

Check out the article below with links to their website for easier reading…

Stay tuned for 2019!