Stretched Zuma BWS 125

As per usual it was 3pm on Friday, I had finished work and stopped in for my weekly F truck update. Though Dan had a week away with no progress being had with the build. I walked in to find Brad working hard on the Capri.

This thing is going to be beautiful! Done to perfection with a 408ci Windsor, sitting on Simmons.

I could hear Sam working on something in the adjoining workshop and had to go have a looksy. Walking in I was greeted by this scooter sitting there looking larger then life.

Anthony had brought in his Yamaha Zuma bws 125 for the guys at OC to work their magic on.

This little weapon is getting the works with a stretch kit, 300cc + turbo, single shock mount and 12x8" fattys. The rest is a mystery with crazy ideas being thrown around every day, but this Zuma will be turning heads, the cops are going to love it!

The trend originated with drag/motified bikes as the swing arms were extended to keep the front wheel on the ground. With the amount of power being put through them, they were renown for lifting the front wheel and spitting riders off the back. So the extended swing arm overcame this issue. And of course the bike enthusiasts also made this modification simply for the desired "look".

And as with most bike trends the scooter world soon followed. This is how the idea came about. It was brought to the attention of OC that Anthony had a scooter, with a few images shown of what can be done he dropped it off and said go for it! Hoping to be the first in Australia to do so!

I can't wait to see this complete with a new paint job to match his vk commodore 05-BLWN

I really like this look for them and I am not lying when I say I've looked up to see what it would cost myself to buy one and do it Japanese style. I'm a sucker for different, and bikes, oh and modifications. Let's be honest most cars or bikes I see I fall in love with and google them wanting one! And I don't think I'm alone here

Stay tuned for the completed build!

Photography and write up by Jasmynne Tudor