F-Truck Update

As you know I've teamed up with the guys at OC Motorsports and have been following the build of the F-Truck for the past 12 months. With the Christmas break it had been just over a month since I was last there and wanted to check up on the build.  

Also wanting to build up experience in front of the camera I wanted to make a video speaking with the builders and taking you through the amazing work that has taken place on this truck. 

Monday had us get home at 9:30pm after a big day out getting lost in the southern highlands. Waking up Tuesday morning at 7am the news kindly told me it was going to be a sweaty 42'C, admittedly I sighed and I went back to sleep only to wake an hour later with a new attitude, I got up and dragged myself out of bed and went to visit the guys at OC as planned.

You won't achieve any dreams sitting in bed all day, no matter what your excuse may be...

Understandably no one wanted to be on camera and weren't comfortable speaking in front of a camera so it was up to me to talk and not sound like a ditz. I was there for several hours shooting and putting together the video below before heading home to the air conditioning.