Mark's RWD Evo 8 Drift Car!

A good friend of ours, Mark Sleap from Kustomkraft Fabrication contacted us and asked us if we could cover the release shoot of his project drift car. Now this isn't your ordinary project drift car. Mark has built himself a RWD Evo 8, heavily inspired by Team Orange. So how could we say no...

Another 44'C day had us heading out to Mark's workshop to release a final sneak peak video before everything goes quiet and we release the final built car. 

Again I had hopes to speak with the owner/builder on camera in an interview styled video. Though it seems to be becoming quite common that people aren't too good in front of a camera but will happily rattle off endless facts about the car walking me through each modification. Which leaves me with a brain full of facts to structure in a way that doesn't sound stupid and provides you with the correct information and not just rattle off a list of mods sounding like a robot. Hence why questions ad answers are so much easier...

I'm actually really enjoying this new avenue and learning about cars and what goes into them. Though I do struggle with remembering facts, I have a memory like a goldfish, I'll forget your name within minutes of you telling me. So this is actually teaching me how to absorb facts and then teaching me to relay them back in a way that makes sense. 

I am still learning the lingo and how to explain the facts correctly and find interesting ways of structuring my words. 

For example rather than say it's got a tr6060 gearbox that runs through to the custom tailshaft leading down to the GTR diff I would like to say, this car houses a tr6060 gearbox which drives it's power down a custom tailshaft to the GTR gearbox... Not much of a difference but enough to turn a good spraker into a great speaker!  

My favourite part of course is the out takes, as frustrating as it is, it shows my passion and saying the same thing over and over I learn the facts off by heart so by the final take I'm not trying to remember the facts I am now able to focus on the structure and the words used to deliver these facts. 

I really look forward to the future an still can't believe I've taken the big leap into videos and not only making them but appearing in them and speaking. 

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