Driving a Kenmeri (KPGC110 Skyline)

The three day Datsun Nationals started on the Saturday with registration and a cruise where I got to drive the R32 GTR. Sunday as discussed prior, Peter wanted to take his 240z, his 510 and his Kenmeri to the show and shine at Silverwater Park. He had mentioned that he will drive the 240z and his son, Ash and myself will have the 510 and Kenmeri. With the skyline being his newest member built by Christopher Pilling at Spraydat, and Peter only having it in his possession less than a month I didn't want to get my hopes up and figured we would be driving the 510. 

On Saturday during registration I mentioned to Peter that we will let his son choose which vehicle he wishes to drive leaving us with a surprise. This is when Peter mentioned that he will get his son to drive the left hand drive 510 as he knows the car and has driven LHD before leaving us the Kenmeri!!! I swear I had so many mixed emotions, I nearly cried, squeaked jumped up and down and kissed everyone at the Regatta centre like it was new years eve. But I held my composure, smiled with cheek, nodded and said awesome! Haha

Arriving at Peter's on Sunday I couldn't help but smile as we pulled up to his garage. All 3 were lined up ready to go! Happy Easter Jaz!

Having spent the day before driving the GTR I thought I'd be a nice wifey and let Ash drive to the event and I'd drive it home. And I must say seeing the smile on Ash's face was truly rewarding! All my hard work, effort and passion has led to this very moment. We were cruising down the street in a Kenmeri Skyline! It still feels so surreal even saying it, if it weren't for the pictures I would not believe it myself!  

From get go I was deeply in love. As you all know I love my hakosuka skylines and the Kenmeri has been creeping in to an equal love. Now actually being in one I could not stop smiling and I wasn't even driving it yet. The note out the pipe and the drone inside the vehicle was perfect, I could listen to it for hours. This thing had the sounds to satisfy me, powered by an L28 with triple webbers.  

Being Peter's newest member to the family he hasn't had time to modify the car to his standards yet with everything being restored original. Especially the suspension! Let's just say we felt every bump possible! Peter has already ordered new suspension, which arrived the day after the Nationals (isn't that ALWAYS the way!) to go with his new wheels! 

The hour drive in went ridiculously fast. But that's what happens when you're having fun! 

After parking up in categories we spent most of the day at the show cruising around meeting new people and admiring some beautiful cars, snapping a few photos here and there.  

Unfortunately I was struck down by sinus issues once again, sneezing 20 times in 5 minutes my face flared up, my eyes glistened and I sounded like a blow off valve at a drift event!

Spending a good two hours off to the side away from humanity I tried to push through it, but was fearing I wasn't going to be able to drive home. During presentation I still had the sneezes but sure enough I pushed on and it came time to drive home. Feeling better than I had ealier I decided I really wanted to drive it home. Ash jokingly said don't worry you will be too focused on the drive to worry about your sinus'. He was correct!  I drove it the whole way home without a any issue, and just one sneezing fit. And what a drive! 

Smiling from ear to ear I was in heaven. I was driving a Kenmeri Skyline! 

I loved it! The throttle was heavy and needed a good push, the clutch took up near the top and the brake pedal pushed in half a foot before it engaged, but that's the whole experience! I knew I was driving something old, I knew I was driving a classic and it was pure bliss! I really love driving raw cars and being the one in control with no assists. 

Driving along I felt comfortable, I felt so comfortable I almost forgot that it wasn't mine. I do aspire to own a Hakosuka or a Kenmeri one day, well let's not be silly here I actually aim to own one of each to go with my collection of cars ;) 

I've ordered a canvas print of this image to hang at the end of my bed to remind myself that dreams do come true and every day is worth waking for!

 With a bit of work this car could become an absolute beast to drive. It's no high performance car and quite frankly you don't want it to be, but you still probably want a bit more get up and go down low. It felt like it had some more to give, maybe I wasn't giving it enough as I was being quite timid or maybe it needs a couple more modifications to spice it up a little... Either way I would definitely own it as it is and still be satisfied! Much like my Escort, it's not a car to go for a thrash in, it is most definitely a cruising kind of car! And I'm ok with it taking a bit longer to get from A to B, I could listen to the sounds of this car all day, they hit the spot just nicely! And I've never been one for speed! Sounds is no1 preference in a car, followed by handling/braking, then comes looks and then lastly how fast it goes...

So I still don't know which one I prefer between the Hakosuka and the Kenmeri but I must say the coupe body and the aggressive lines on the Kenmeri, and front end are slowly winning me over more and more every time I see it! Peter will just have to buy a Hakosuka now so I can compare them and make my decision! ;) 

And again, thank you Peter for allowing me this opportunity and sharing your toys with me! 

I will be doing a full feature on this amazing car and it's build once it is complete with wheels and suspension and anything else Peter wants to add...

Sorry my videos aren't all cinematic and cool and stuff but it's a bit hard to film yourself and I'm not paying $800+ to have others do it every time I want to make a video :P Currently looking into new gear to be able to manage it on my own... For now Enjoy!