Driving a 572 Big Block F100

Now having Friday, Saturday and Sundays off work I have so much time to work towards my dreams of becoming an automotive personality. Yesterday though I woke with not much planned and decided to go see my second family at OC Motorsports. Pulling up the gates were shut and I had my phone in hand ready to ring Danny when I heard this lumpy as truck pull up behind me and the gate opened, looking in my rear view mirror there was Dan hanging out the window with a thumbs up! Bloody good timing if you ask me!

Chilling with the guys and chatting about some of the most random stuff as we do it was nearing lunch and bellies started talking more than us. Dan decided he going to get lunch and asked if I wanted to go for a drive. Hell yes! Lets go make some noise! Dan jokingly said I was driving I just laughed and hopped in the passenger seat.

Sitting in KFC drive thru was by far the best, the lumpy 572 big block was gaining a lot of attention as it sat there idling and we could barely hear the guy through the speaker box! I was falling more and more in love with this car, this moment and was getting great enjoyment out making a nuisance. 

We got our food, hoping it was the correct order and were leaving the one lane drive thru when Dan stopped and said ok you're driving it back as he got out of the car. Still in the drive thru I didn't have much of a choice and jumped out and got in the drivers seat. I now had the noisy beast under my foot! 

Although it wasn't a very long drive at all I got to feel the 572 rumble and with some more work I think this thing could be an animal! Ever since being around an old F truck I have fallen for them more and more. To the point I have actually been keeping an eye on the classifieds in case something decent pops up, sssshhh don't tell anyone though.... I have always wanted a lumpy car, one that hunts, I don't know what it is but oh! just writing about it now and thinking of one has me go weak at the knees. Its just been an issue of what do I want it in. I am not a big car fan and with all these stupid laws now its very hard to get a big motor engineered in a little car. I need to find an already engineered Capri or something similar or just go a ratrod truck, another love, ratrods! 

This won't be my last drive in the big girl as she's now OC Motorsports new shop truck and they have kindly said I can take it whenever I want, I'm just saving for the fuel bill :P

I'd really like to take it out country and do a nice pinup styled sunset shoot so stay tuned, and I reeaallllly want to take it to the city and just film people's reactions, so it definitely won't be the last time in this bad ass car!