Like most of us the passion for cars starts at a very young age, more often than not when we get our licence and start to look for our first car, usually wanting a cooler one than the rest in our grade. Then there was the Fast and the Furious, this franchise introduced us to loud music, fast cars and hot chicks. Steven Page aka Pagey from Narrabri NSW, Australia was highly influenced by these movies and the passion for fast cars was ignited. 

Living in the western suburbs of NSW practically in the middle of nowhere working as a Fire and safety technician, Pagey has been left with not much to do but work, read car magazines, go to the gym, get tattoos and socialise with friends. With a deep passion for cars it wouldn't be long until Steven had a car and was customising it, starting with a Mitsubishi Mirage - EVOLVN.

Feeling satisfied with EVOLVN's modification list Pagey needed another project building CL45SY a Ford FG G6.

Selling CL45SY in 2015 to buy a house was the adult plan but boredom took over after 4 months and the enthusiast in Pagey had to have another car, a big brother for EVOLVN. So with a quick search online he found an Evo which took him over 5hrs down south to Sydney the very next weekend. Far from a wasted trip Steven now owned a 2004 Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR!

Starting life with basic mods which included coil overs, 18" wheels, aftermarket cams, exhaust and tune this would usually be enough to satisfy most but not Pagey the Evo 8 was still considered too stock. This is the issue when the modified life chooses you! There plain and simply is no other way.

So the mods on HUM8LE began and with every pay cheque the list got longer!

Let's start with HUMBLE's first impression:


Custom white Pearl paint

Shaved engine bay

Shave boot lock

Rolled rear guards

Stubby aerial

Deleted rear wiper

Clear windows

Pleased with what we see, it's time to get to know the heart:  


You might want to grab yourself a drink and get comfortable before reading this one... maybe even a towel, yeah grab a towel...

This Evo 8 houses a Micks motorsports built engine with a generous 401kw at the wheels

Forged wiseco pistons Nitto rods | Custom head studs | Tomei cams gears| Tomei valve springs | Kel ford 272 cams | Ceramic coated custom stainless manifold| Apexi dump pipe 3 inch | Apexi front pipe 3inch exhaust | dump cannon | Aero Flow oversized intercooler with custom tube frame mounting bracket | Custom 3 inch intercooler piping | Custom 3 inch intake pipe and k&n filter | Alloy oversized radiator | Silicone hose kit throughout | Stm Alloy overflow tank | Stm Alloy power steering reservoir | Braided power steering hose | Plazman plenum, throttle body and fuel rail | 2000cc injectors | Walbro 460 fuel pump | e85 Turbosmart fuel reg | Turbosmart v port BOV | Haltech computer | Eflex Wideband sensor | Fp red turbo Braided line kit | Polish dip stick cover | Zaklee Clear timing cover | Stainless bolts throughout engine bay | Custom single plate clutch setup | Billet flywheel| Braided clutch line | Remade custom aircon hoses out of engine bay | Braided fuel lines | Painted engine and gearbox gloss black | Torque engine mounts| Gloss black rocker cover

Liking what we see and knowing the heart has us needing a towel its time to head a bit lower:

Suspension, brakes and wheels

 BC BR series-racing coilovers

Simmons 3 piece gold plated 20x8.5

225/30 tyres

White walls

Pearl red Powder coated brakes

Bendix ultimate brake pads

RDA slotted and dimpled rotors

White line Rear strut brace custom Saturn black

Thinking about how good it goes I bet you're curious how she sounds?  


 JVC DVD source unit

2x jvc Arsenal splits

2x jvc Arsenal 10inch subs

Jvc Arsenal mono block amp

Jvc arsenal 4 Chanel amp

4 guage wiring


Optima yellow top battery

Dare I say it but I think its time we get to know the inside:


Cobb tuning gear knob with custom baseball stitched

Red leather Grip Royal steering wheel

Nrg short hub boss kit

Boost Gauge

Red leather and suede custom trim

Custom Red carpet

Custom boot install With custom sub boxes

Led downlights

Race pedals

Smoothened centre console panel

Gloss black window switches

How are we feeling? Need a moment?

With all these mods our first question was obviously what do the Police think of this build because we all know the cops love modified cars! Steven hesitated with "Ah not much cop attention as yet. I've got a 2-0 record over the cops but we won’t go to into that"

 With HUM8LE now complete we had to ask what was next for Pagey and his love for cars. He assured us this will definitely not be his last build and the dream garage would include a Range Rover and an XY GT, and no they will not be stock! Just want what we wanted to hear!

Dreams don't often come true without passion, hard work, friends and determination. Sometimes that determination comes from a hard time in life and Steven would like to pay tribute to his beautiful late partner Kia, who lost her battle with cancer earlier this year, she was his inspiration for this build. Steven also wants to shout out to everyone who made this possible saying that "there are a lot of people that helped me get the car to where it is today. Without them it just wouldn’t of happened..."  

Follow Pagey's passion for cars on Instagram @two390customs

Photography and write up by Jasmynne Tudor