During my 7 week trip to Japan in 2017 I encountered many cars and met a lot of people whom I now call friends. BUT there was this one car I had the privilege of shooting and was left with nothing, no knowledge of the car nor the owner. This gorgeous NSX pulled into Tatsumi PA moments after I had said goodbye to my arranged shoot with the famous KATCHIN gold Lamborghini.


With my trip coming to an end and money running low the plan was to stay the night in the car at Tastumi PA and see what arrived. So when this amazing machine pulled into the parking area without hesitation I jumped at the opportunity to take some photos. Broken English, charades and showing him the photos I had just taken, along with the help of a local we got the masterpiece out of the generic parking zone, positioning it as best I could with the language barrier and shot away. Not wanting to take too much of his generous time my shoot was complete in a matter of 10 minutes and I showed him enormous amounts of gratification before he was now driving off into the distance without a trace, just like that it was gone.


I know nothing of the car, the kit, if it’s custom, or can be readily ordered from a manufacturer. I even posted to Instagram and all social media platforms asking for help to know more and did endless hours of research with nothing found. I wish I could tell you more but I simply can’t. So if you do know anything about this car/kit please email me or comment below. It would be greatly appreciated…

In the meantime enjoy the photos I captured of this beautifully rare piece of art!