New hair, New clothes, New skills!

Not sure if it's just a girl thing or we all have our own ways of making ourselves feel better. But I felt the need for a makeover recently and was up to date with all my bills which meant that I was able to splurge a bit getting my hair done and go shopping for some new clothes. 

I was previously blonde and thought I needed a change and stupidly dyed my hair red, good for a couple of weeks but my emotions and depression kicked in and I was deeply missing my blonde and because I knew I had chosen the hardest colour to get rid of I was even moreso overwhelmed with emotions knowing I'd have to go through a weird orange phase on my way back to blonde. I've already made this mistake once before and obviously didn't learn from it...

Amazingly though I went to my hair dresser and she was able to pull out most of the red and sent me a gorgeous light brown with a hint of red and blonde. Feeling good I was instantly brought out of my slump and continued my good feelings with a shopping trip, which I do not do often. I bought myself a new leather jacket, some jewellery, shirts, perfume, lingire and my favourite purchase was my thigh high boots!!! Instant sexy vibes came as soon as I put those boots on which meant I couldn't leave without them. So with my new hair, jacket and boots I was feeling FAB U LOUS! 

So a shoot was needed and with none other than my car! So I got home and gave her the ultimate makeover detailing her with Adam's Polishes. 

I woke up early the next morning wanting to do a gorgeous autumn sunrise shoot with the golden glow. Unfortunately the sky was filled with clouds and it was a very dull sunrise with no colour except for the leaves on the ground.

Don't you love it when your having a selfie moment and someone just runs on by through the shot, I literally just burst out in laughter.... #embarassing

I was kind of over taking photos of myself, I get in moods and start to feel like a lovo f*ckwit and the workshop I was visiting wasn't going to be open for another hour so I decided to step my lovo antics up a notch and have a go at making my own little "promo video" which actually turned out better than expected. So now I can shoot my own videos and not have to pay someone else $1000+ for a 2-4 minute video just to post on Instagram! And yes I have been quoted by two people over $1000 to shoot a 2-4 minute video of me driving my car... 

Jokingly I posted with my video that I will now need to learn to fly the drone so I can shoot my own aerials while driving. Ash jumped at the opportunity messaging me within minutes and said he will teach me the drone that afternoon! He had been wanting to teach me helicopters and drones for years now! So I thought why not it would actually be cool to shoot my own aerials for my videos. 

But first I had to shoot an insane car build at a garage for the day, which I have now been doing every day for 4 weeks!!!  

Day over I decided to do a promo shoot for Adam's car Polishes while she was nice and shiny having been freshly washed, waxed and protected by their amazing products. And of course any excuse to put my thigh highs back on ;) 

Arriving home Ash was like a kid on Christmas day! Drone was already in the driveway batteries charged and he even had me a cold Jack Daniels ready with a straw waiting to take me down the road to an open area and finally teach me how to fly! I was fairly nervous but Ash has been flying helicopters and drones for years now and I knew I was in good hands.

Ash had a quick fly first showing me what was what and how to control it before letting me have a go...

He then helped me set it up and take off, teaching me the basic controls manoeuvring my thumbs and with a nod he let go and stepped back. I was flying!!! I don't know who was more excited, me or him (even though I didn't look excited I can assure I was, yes Ash already teased me about my facial expressions lol). Sadly though our batteries are old and over used so they didn't last very long and just as I was getting the hang of things she started to loose ooomph and was slowly dropping back down to the ground. But I managed to land it all by myself with no issues *high five*

I can't wait to source some new batteries and be able to fly for 10+ minutes and then capture my own aerial footage to add into my car adventures. 

So not only did I feel amazing and fresh I finally conquered my fears of flying, not really flying but I didn't want to crash and break Ash's toys that he'd worked so hard to pay for. But that fear is gone as we are saving our little butts off and looking to upgrade to the new Mavic pro soon so this one is practically mine to use and abuse now! 

So stay tuned!!   

My Luxury Escape | Auto Italia Canberra

When most think of a luxury escape they think of getting on a plane, flying to an island and lying on a beach sipping on cocktails under the palm trees. As much as that sounds almost perfect it's missing one thing, cars!  

The first weekend of April I had two events on the calender. One being DCA Mt Gambier and the other being Auto Italia Canberra. Unfortunately Ash couldn't get the weekend off work and I was unable to afford DCA on my own let alone find a way of getting down there, so Auto Italia it was!

Planning on taking Silvy (my s14) down for a cruise I contacted Andre to see if anyone else was heading down early Sunday morning and wanted to meet up for a convoy. He advised me that everyone was getting there mid Saturday and going out for dinner Saturday night then heading out to Old Parliament House together Sunday morning. 

Unsure of my plans I was contacted by Andre the week before as his passenger was no longer able to make it and he now had a spare seat. Without hesitation I took the opportunity to get back in the Diablo and hear that v12 roar once more.  

I booked my room and the countdown began.  

As I was packing my bags the night before (as lightly as I could due to the lack of space in the Lambo) I received a message, "dinner plans have changed" (originally a pub feed) "dress to impress". We were now going to the QT for dinner which required little ol' Jaz to dress up! Something I don't get to do often, I freaked out! (between you an me I have only ever been to 1 restaurant in the last 10 years!). It was already late Friday night I wasn't able to tan, well I didn't want to tan and then sit in Andre's leather seats for 3 hours, my nails were feral and I had nothing to wear! And how was I supposed to pack lightly now! I needed a back up "safe" outfit... It's a girl thing...

Finally finding something to wear I packed my bags and got to bed early as I had a 5am wake up to go to work with Ash. My only way of getting to the m7 (our freeway) was by Ash during his morning tea break, so I spent the first hour sleeping in the car in the underground carpark, woke got myself some breakfast and then spent the next two hours painting my nails and doing my hair and make up in the car as random shoppers drove by looking at me extremely weird. 

Meeting Andre at 9:30am, another adventure in the Diablo begun!

As always the car trip with Andre was filled with great motivating conversation which definitely had me in my head and planning the future of many successes.

Nearing Canberra we did the compulsory stop at Lake George, stretched the legs and took a few photos before making our way to the Novotel. We arrived, checked in to our rooms, and met back up as we had decided earlier to go check out Mt Ainslie, one of the local lookouts over looking Anzac Parade and the War Memorial.

Now it was time for me to spend the next couple of hours getting ready. A few tunes and JD's later I was feeling great and ready to go! But the nerves kicked in as I was on my way down to the foyer to meet up with Andre. The elevator doors opened and I greeted him as a girl in a dress! A very rare sight, leaving my denim shorts, thongs (flip flips for all you foreigners) and swear words in my room! I was now off to have dinner with, well I'm going to say it as it is... Millionaires! 

The QT was a short, very nerve wracking walk from the Novotel. I was so nervous I was walking ridiculously quick and paused asking Andre why we were walking so quick, laughing he stated that he was trying to keep up with me! Slowing up the pace we laughed, I took a few deep breaths and we made our way inside to meet up with the others. I was so far out of my comfort zone my anxiety kicked in along with my two double Jack's (so yes technically I smashed 4 JD's in a 2 hour period). Arriving I was introduced to everyone who were all so nice and welcoming full of questions so safe to say I was now relatively relaxed and became a social butterfly talking with everyone, just being myself, fitting in perfectly! 

With dinner ordered I was now deep in conversation with the others at the table. Conversations that left me in my head for days afterwards, and conversations I am so grateful for. Very inspiring and motivating! Dinner arrived and I enjoyed my perfectly cooked pork belly (which I highly recommend). With empty plates, dessert was ordered and I was gestured to follow Andre and Andrei. Without hesitation I knew what we were going to see and excused myself following the guys to the elevator.

Going down!


The elevator doors opened and we walked out into the carpark where two beautiful Lamborghini's sat, a 2017 Aventador SV Roadster LP740-4 in yellow with a complimenting green Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4 sitting by its side. Jaw dropped I was speechless! Here I was fine dining in a dress, hair curled, more make-up than usual standing in front of two elite supercars with only my phone! Note to self, Take the camera EVERYWHERE!

After our perve we headed back up to the others where dessert was waiting and enjoyed by all. The nights hours flew by, it was getting late and time for us to make our way back to our rooms ready for a big day the following morning.

Having been up for over 18 hours I was absolutely exhausted and crashed out pretty hard enjoying a large King bed all to myself. Hands up, who else is a bed hog? Although I was missing Ash at this stage it's nice to just have a moment to yourself, hog the sheets and pass out!

Even with an extra hours sleep due to daylight savings ending I was not impressed when the alarm sounded, ordering me to wake up and get ready for Auto Italia. Nothing a nice hot shower didn't fix though, except I didn't want it to end (there is no such thing as a quick shower for me). Collecting my belongings, triple checking I didn't leave anything behind I met Andre at his car and we headed to QT to meet up with the others before heading to Old Parliament House.

Arriving at Old Parliament House we were directed to our area and parked up alongside the other beautiful Lamborghini's before finding something to eat and enjoying the show. Unfortunately the crowds grew by the minute which made getting any decent photo a mission and one I didn't accept. I don't what it is lately but I am just so over crowds, signs and random things in my photos. I guess I've done too much event photography and am looking to do just simple private car shoots on location with no signs, no random bins, unwanted reflections and most of all no people!

But I did stroll around and capture a few photos so enjoy some of my favourite photos below :)

Show over it was time to leave and head back towards Sydney. Pretty exhausted there wasn't much great conversation on the way back. I had a lot running through my mind and struggled to keep my eyes open. So I spent the 2.5hrs watching the world wiz by listening to the v12 rumble while I processed of all the inspiring things I had been asked and told over the weekend.

Nearing home I messaged Ash to come pick me up. Noticing the sun was quickly disappearing I mentioned to Andre I'd like to capture some photos of his car once more, this time without the crowds. Fortunately I managed to capture a few glistening shots before the sun completely disappeared on us.

Andre took Ash for a quick run around the block showing offers beautiful beast and the power of the v12. It was actually unreal to hear it roar from the outside... Being Ash's first ever Lamborghini experience there were smiles all round! The light quickly fading the day was turning to darkness so we said our goodbyes and parted ways...