Just Havin' A Go

If you've read any of my recent post or have been following me, you know I've delt with some things that definitely hindered my dreams. 

One of the major things being self harming, I would attack any scab I had, whether that be on my body or face. This meant I wasn't confident enough to go out in public, met new people and organise photoshoots but even more so I was afraid of getting in front of the camera!  

I have always wanted to be in front of the camera with my own car show like Top Gear, Fifth Gear and you've gotta love good ol' Fletch! Like seriously what a life! Travelling the world meeting new people, cars, and getting to drive incredible machines on roads dreams are made of! But in my state I just couldn't. 

Now physically better I needed to focus on my mentality. This is still not the greatest but I'm in a place I feel ready to take on my dreams and have a go. So where does one start when wanting to get on camera with a crew? Well this great trend in Vlogging (video blogging) is quite popular at the present and I'm keen to give it a go! I follow Sam from Seen Through Glass and love his vlogs and his approach to them, they're not a high budget "professional" production, but rather a guy with a camera and a real passion which is obvious in his videos.

I started with a 60 second (Instagram) video looking to find out what you guys recommend when it comes to car care products.

The most popular recommendation was Bowden's Own products, readily available from your local SuperCheap Auto stores. So at the moment I'm giving them a go!

We all need to start somewhere! I already have a slider I purchased a few years ago, I have my SLR camera, a rode mic and my GoPros as well as a drone. So most of the gear, but no idea! But now there is a massive rise in gimbals and extremely hypnotic steady footage with hand held gimbals becoming more affordable (still freakin' expensive) but we are now "judged" and considered "amateur" without one. I started making videos for DCA (Drift Challenge Australia) a couple years ago now inspired heavily by Scott Mitchell Media and his skills in capturing event vibes, but after a few attempts a comment on one of my videos (shaky motion media) hit me harder then I actually realised, and we haven't really done too many videos since as I could not possibly afford the gear at the time and figured what's the point in trying to compete with all these gimbals out there... And just focused on photography. 

Well the good news... I'm getting a gimbal for Christmas!!!

I cannot wait to have this in my hands! I have been saving my arse off for this thing for a few months now and decided while I wait for two more fotnightly pays (now one to go!) that I'd have a go at filming myself and documenting an adventure. Trying different mic settings, different video settings and of course the editing and blending techniques required to make a great video! 

Unfortunately I had to make a tough call and miss out on the last round of DCA the past weekend to buy this gimbal. But I'm thinking of 2017 and what we can then do for DCA by using these next few quiet months of Motorsport to perfect our skills and get ready for a big year ahead!

I am surprisingly quite comfortable in front of the camera and feel this will allow me to really open up and show you my quirky personality I've hidden for so many years, and let you into my world of being a female car enthusiast. I am a dork, and I have no shame, I am my biggest critic and nothing anyone says will hurt me the way I used to hurt myself. 

So please be patient while we learn and excel our skills and of course save for the equipment we need to be the best we can! At the moment I notice I say a lot of "so's" I also space out my "and" which I believe is better then the dreaded "um" but I want to eliminate these and become that bit more confident in speaking. I do swear, I am me and I won't be changing that, I am who I am. I'm an Aussie from the bush, I speak with slang and that's the way I like it.

Be brave, be unique, be yourself! It's time I start taking my own advice I think.

Stay tuned, I will get there! Enjoy my attempts at filming myself, excuse the volume issues in the below vid, still learning and trying out different settings but get excited for the future. We can only get better!!!

We plan take you all around Australia sight seeing and to as many car events as we can and you'll also be coming along with us to Japan next year for 6 weeks! Enjoy :)