Before we head to Japan and dive head first into blogging a trip I figured I should start with who I am and how Still Motion Media came about...So most reading this will already know of me. I'm Jasmynne aka Jaz/Jazzy/Mynn (I also answer to Ash). I'm the head photographer at Still Motion Media. I am a 1991 model designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

From a young age I've always been around cars. My Step-dad, uncle and Grandfather were all mechanics by trade with my step-dad also doing a bit of racing back in the day.

My neighbour also always had some crazy motorised contraption going on, which ventured into racing sprint cars over the coming years. As any normal "country kid" we also had motorbikes and would head off to Wagga Wagga and Mudgee over the school holidays riding bikes and driving paddock bashers across land that never seemed to end. All this combined is where I think my interest in cars, motorsports and the likes began.

So with all these different forms of motosports around me how did I end up in the drift scene and a life surrounded by perfomance cars? Well....I do vividly remember a moment when I was around 10. I was out with dad on a job when this yellow r34 (I would never forget those lights) drove, well ripped past us with an aggressive sneeze...later finding out this sneeze was in fact a BOV. 

I looked at dad eyes larger then the moon, I WANTED ONE!

Starting high school, the train was my way of transportation. During my travels to school one morning I heard a familiar sound approaching and there was yet another jaw dropping blue Skyline, I knew what it was this time as it stopped at the red light allowing me to walk past it with a moment of admiration. THEN the Fast and The Furious movies, I became interested in men, cars and techno music. 
Paul Walker's eyes, Vin Diesel's body and THE CARS! Oh my! I know, I know remember I would have been like 12....

Skip a few years, I was 16 with my L's. My first car was an old 2L manual Subaru Liberty. It was a love hate relationship, loved the power hated the look but it's all my step-dad would take the time to look at as mum had brought it to him.

If you know Cattai road, the winding road down to Wiseman's Ferry NSW you have indeed had fun. I drove these roads twice a week to attend art classes for 2 years after school. I loved pushing myself behind the wheel winding through the bends. I actually learnt so much driving these roads. While I was first learning this run it was sign posted to 90km/h but soon changed to a safer 80km/h. I only wish now that my liberty had of been RWD. But being an "old man's car" colour and all I had saved my little butt off to get a Hyundai coupe (I believed it was the closest thing to a s15 that I could afford at the time) I REALLY LOVED THIS CAR travelling 5 hours to pick it up!

Long story short, I was out of home at 17 the car was sold by my parents to pay off some debts and I was now driving an ugly green square shaped FWD Ford Laser. I later crashed this ending up with another front wheel drive Holden Barina purchased by my loving grandparents.

Facing the usual school struggles as well as being out home supporting myself, loosing one of my best friends to cancer at 17, my life drastically changed the day I met my now Husband Ashley.

I was in year 11 age 16, he was 22 working in the same shopping centre as me. Ash drove a 72 Ford Escort, also rallying a Nissan Bluebird on the weekends in his spare time with his mates and his dad, another influence towards my motorsport love affair.

Attending Ash's rally events 2007-2010 was always fun, I was there for support but always had my shitty 5 mega-pixel camera with me taking photos, I really enjoyed this thing called motorsports, getting many photos shared in the club's local newsletters. Ash was actually the one who got all our family together and purchased me my very first DSLR for Christmas only 3 months into the relationship.....Nawww

Ash and his mates all had nice, fast cars and looked out for me as I was the youngest in the group by quite a few years. I actually remember my first proper turbocharged experience like it was yesterday. Ash's friend Adrian had an rx2 with a worked 13B turbo charged heart. He took me for a run down the road and stood on it, my eyes lit up and and I was in love THEN it hit boost! HOLY SHIT! That feeling was unreal, body tingling, heart pumping, face hurting from a ridiculously big smile. Having that story told every time we went out my reaction became a running joke amongst the guys. My love for cars was only fuelled by many other experiences like that in nice, quick cars, well I lie because many crazy stories took place in under powered stock cars too. But being the young girl in the group the guys always tried to "scare" me when instead I would just light up and want more!

I graduated Year 12 in 2008, turned 18, drank, partied, ate, worked 3 jobs, slept, travelled, bush walked most of the Blue Mountains and ran a muck. My camera always coming along too...

Attending drift, burnout and drag racing events my love for motorsports grew as photography also became more then just a hobby, but something I was becoming known for. I loved it! Posting my photos for friends and others to see became an extremely good feeling. I don't really take photos for me, I've always enjoyed the reaction from others and the love they share with their own photos and being able to capture that moment for them to treasure forever. Then the other side of photography, getting that moment to be caught right on point became the most addictive feeling, I'm still addicted! Everyone used to ask what I shoot and well, I photographed anything and everything, so with a shrug of the shoulders and a "I don't know" I would answer "just photography". Later being asked to shoot certain things for people I established a business under Just Photography NSW in 2011 (Just Photography was already taken in Australia). I had major plans for this passion and knew this is me, this is the life I want to live. I wanted to become a photojournalist capturing life's moments one at a time....

Being involved in a car accident one NYE (unfortunately insurance had run out the week before not to my knowledge). I was still young and side swiped a car that came out of no where. His dad close behind stopped they blamed me I freaked exchanged details and they took off. I got a bill for over $5,000 a couple months later. This took me years to pay off stuck with a green front bar on a damaged dopey eyed, white Barina, which I drove around for over 2 years like this! This affected my self esteem, it hindered my plans for myself, our life and my passion, photography!

With MANY setbacks in my life it's very easy for me to slip into an emotional state often resulting in self harm, as you can see in the above images I found ways to "hide" my scabs (I hate that word, even typing it now makes me feel dirty). I attack my body and do not leave the wounds to heal but rather release my emotions to a point of causing deep scars. I found my way through these emotional times by keeping myself occupied with golf, photography and bushwalking with Ash through the Blue Mountains, we have walked hours upon hours in those Mountains! Those endless hours allowed me to focus on where I want to be and what I want out life and Just Photography....

Having attended many different events there was always something about drifting, but it was the International Tectaloy Drift Challenge in 2010 I really remember. The sponsored flags, cars and in particular the Toyo Tyres 180 with series 2 s14 front was a pinnacle moment in my love for the drift life. The moment that photo came through to the camera's screen I WAS HOOKED! Drifting was my choice of Motorsport to follow!

We had also tried a few event videos and were pursing to take our business world wide. With the name Just Photography NSW I felt this hindered my world wide domination plans so a change of name was due. This is how Still Motion Media came about as we focus on Stills and Motion (video).

Conveniently Ash knowing many of the drift boys from back in the Oran Park days we started following as many drift events as we could together as a couple. We became regulars at the track when at one event a mate (thanks Brad) gave me his passenger pass and I was then taken as passenger with Cameron Mote in his s13 for laps around North Circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park. This was the 2nd of December 2012, right then and there I knew THIS is what I wanted to do myself and also photograph for the guys I had met and who had become family!

Exactly two months after passenger laps with Camo I had my very own s14. Not being able to afford the s15 and not really wanting the common series 2 s14 I found a series 1 one in my price range under an hour away. We went for a drive to find this sexy stock car sitting waiting for a new owner. Having never driven a turbo charged car I let Ash test drive it and make the deal. It was now time to drive my very own Turbo charged s14 home. As anyone else buying their first import I became JDM as F*ck and had massive plans for it. It's fairly stock with coilovers, Intercooler, 2way-diff, exhaust and wheels added by me, with much more to come....

I also made it to 5 wet skid pans in 6 months to develop my skills behind the wheel and feed my passion for all things cars. It was time to take drifting to the dry but losing my job in 2014 stopped drifting real quick and all my car plans, business plans and well stopped life in general AGAIN! I was going backwards nearly having to sell my car and my gear just to get by, hitting an all time low. But this feeling is where I am most comfortable as I seem to always be there and know my way out pretty well by now, though this time I began to self harm again which did help me out of the emotional "slump" but rather harmed me more physically. Eventually finding a new job I decided to "grow up" pay my debts due to no income for several months and focus on Still Motion Media believing in where it can take us. Ash and I grew our skills and developed a name for ourselves with our photography and video skills. We have delved into motorsports, weddings, family portraits, nature, and newborns, always being extremely passionate about capturing life's moments no matter what they may be. Putting roughly $50,000 over the last few years into Still Motion Media including travelling to and from events across the east coast of Australia plus gear, props and advertising it was only natural my 14 became just a daily, with all her street/track plans slowly being forgotten.

This hurt me and my already delicate emotions, am I doing the right thing? Am I chasing an empty dream? I should be out drifting with my girls, if they can do it I can manage right? I deserve to have fun... But I found a way to keep pushing forward in some weird auto-pilot mode to pursue a dream I've worked so hard for.

Although it doesn't feel like it that dream is being lived now! Having been apart of World Time Attack Challenge 3 years in a row, and a major part in most Sydney drift events including Drift Challenge Australia, ADGP, the International Tectaloy Drift Challenge, Formula Drift, the Hi Tec Oils Drift series, Stadium Drift and many other burnout, drag and racing events over the years.

We have actually followed every Drift Challenge Australia (DCA) round around Australia for 2 years now branching our name worldwide. We have met some of our idols and have had the pleasure to not only photograph them but meet and speak/dine with them on a personal level. Being apart of DCA also is seeing us go to Japan with Luke Fink and his family to hopefully visit Shinji Minowa and Daigo Saito's workshops next month!

Proudly we have also been published in Street Machine Magazine and Drift Tengoku in Japan (that we know of) and also appearing on endless websites and blogs around the world. So slowly but surely my efforts with working hard, buckling down and pushing forward are indeed setting up our future one steeping stone at a time.

Drifting and media has been a major part of our lives the past 6 years even having our very own wedding at a race track in the middle of a Drift Challenge Australia event in October 2015, which we were also media for! You can read about our drift wedding >here<

With a quiet start to 2016 before our Japan trip, I had found a Rocket bunny kit but could not possibly afford it. Amazingly the drifters we have supported for 4 years united. We did a deal for photos which enabled me to purchase my kit! OMG Forever grateful! Good things do happen to me!

We had the wing on within a week and the rest has been primed ready for paint..stay tuned.


Well that was barely a snippet of my journey, I have been through A LOT! It's been one hell of a ride. Most of it you will never know of and will be left in the past where it belongs as I really didn't want this post to get too deep and emotional, but more making a note of the key moments in my life to become who I am today. I am Jaz, I am Still Motion Media and I have learnt from every moment in my life. I have struggled and battled my way through many obstacles to be where I am now but I would not change a thing as it has made me the person I am today. I am still dealing with stress and severe anxiety now but it's only pushing me to achieve those dreams and eliminate the "failures" but rather look at them as lessons to be learnt from. I hope it wasn't a boring read but It's been nice talking with you....

Now let the fun begin! Stay tuned for all things Japan, Drifting, Automotive, my Rocket Bunny Build along with a bunch of random goodness!

If you have a dream, don't give up! I'm certainly not....