Some Things Can Wait...

We live in a world so consumed by technology, social media and day to day living we often forget to enjoy what is around us. I myself am guilty of this big time, especially as of late I have been building this new website, I have been working full time, and we have been establishing a brand to hopefully be released in a couple months! 

I have been GLUED to my computer and my phone the last month or so. This isn't very healthy as we don't really have a desk/study room so most of my work is done in my bedroom... Sitting on my bed. It's easy to become distracted by the TV, my phone (social media) and I just get lazy. 

The night before I had decided I was going to finalise the last few tweaks to my website and go digging through the hard drives for some unreleased content to share with you all. I was woken by the sun shining in on me and I felt this was a sign. Everything else I had planned can wait for another day. Why does everything need to be done today, this week, now!? Why do we always rush things for? My car was washed I had a full tank of fuel and it was a beautiful day. I had to go for a drive! I wanted to go for a drive! But where? 

I have a few great driving roads I want to blog and share with you but it's always "another day, maybe next week". Well it was the day, so I decided to start with the road I got my license on. Cattai road, leading down to Wiseman's Ferry NSW.

This road is insane and a must drive. I learnt so much driving this route several times a week for so many years. This stretch of road taught me when to shift gears, when to brake before a corner and how to brake during if I came in too hot. I started my L's in a AWD, then moving to a small FWD, finally settling with my RWD. I again learnt so much being able to push each car's limit as well as my own, learning the difference between each drive line. Being a rural road used by many it is rough and rugged in places as it winds up and over mountain ridges finally leading down a steep curvaceous decent to the river below combined with other sections of the road which have been resurfaced to perfection to create a sensational driving experience.

I cannot stress enough to take care on these roads with many trucks, bikes tourists and wildlife to be found along the way! I used to work at Riverside Oaks Golf Course for a few years and have nearly hit several kangaroos on my travels to and from.  The image below of the billboard actually still has one of my images on it! The first picture is of my former boss and golf Pro David Scott taken by yours truly...This was a great reminder to myself as to why I take photos. Simply to be left in history as this photo has been there with several redesigns for well over 3 years now... And may well be used by the course for many more years/centuries to come... 

Unleashing my inner race car driver, down shifting on approach, up shifting on exit I was completely fixated on the next corner and the road ahead. I usually feel guilty when enjoying a day out, thinking I should be doing this or that. But pushing my limits on a road that brought back so many memories I was not having any of these negative thoughts. I enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want the day to end. I did have to get home to help Ash fix his car so we can drive 8 hours to Yamba to pick up my escort this weekend and even then I was 2 hours late home. But that's what happens when you are in a state of happiness. 

I can't explain it but driving cars seriously makes me happy! 

Definitely keen to share some more great drives with you...