I Became A Logo!!!

So a while back I released a sticker version of myself. Basically wanting something to be stuck on cars I have shot or something for people to collect and have a piece of me. We all love stickers, whether they are in a draw, shoebox, on a toolbox, wall or all over our cars one can never have too many stickers!

Not being able to find a decent artist who can draw something up on their own and then put that into file form to be used and printed. So I found a girl with a camera online and fell in love! Though there was one major issue, half her leg was missing! Now I don't do Photoshop and have very, very limited skills with editing and graphic design. I had decided to try and cover up her leg with a bag and a tripod also eliminating any copyright infringements as I had changed the image by a certain %. Not very well edited but good enough I was stoked and have been using the below image.


Never really quite satisfied with the final product I created and the quality of it once printed as a sticker (having saved it off the internet) I found a very talented girl who would be able to create my vision. I contacted Nicole from Tangoladude and sent her a few images of myself along with the original image I fell in love with and asked her to create something. As much as I wanted to keep the exact same original image and have it duplicated at a higher quality I decided I wanted to keep a piece of Nicole in the design as well respecting her as an artist. So I left it up to Nicole to recreate it with her own style.

Nicole is a 20 year old exceptionally skilled freelance digital artist who has been doing art all her life and started doing digital when she was about 13 years old. You can find more about Nicole and her work >>>HERE<<<

Within a couple of days of first contacting Nicole (due to other jobs before mine) I was sent my first proof.

I was in love! Though something wasn't quite right, the legs! I asked if she could do something with the legs as I tried to mimic the pose above and I looked and felt extremely awkward. Only 7 minutes later, yes 7 MINUTES LATER I received the below proof...

Legs changed, image approved I gave Nicole the go ahead to add colour. I could not wait! Less than 24 hours later I received another email with a complete image. Absolutely stoked on the outcome I payed my fee and was emailed the hi res images straight away. So let me introduce you to the final coloured image!

I am in love! I am now a cartoon figure, a soon to be sticker and logo! I finally have a piece that is unique! That is mine! And I cannot thank Nicole enough for working her magic and creating it. So keep an eye out for stickers and please support my goals by purchasing one to use or collect as they will all be personally signed and if you see this girl on any photos floating around the internet you will be sure to know that it was taken by yours truly!

Nicole has been absolutely amazing during this experience and understood exactly what I wanted and made magic happen! Extremely professional she kept me up to date with her other jobs and my god extremely quick at what she does! If you need anything similar done or want to see if she can create your vision don't hesitate in contacting her via her website or via email: lewissuenicole2014@gmail.com

Nicole also does speedpaints on YouTube, and posts lots of other art on various social media accounts found below... Make sure you check her out, give her a like or a follow and if you need some artwork done look no further!