New hair, New clothes, New skills!

Not sure if it's just a girl thing or we all have our own ways of making ourselves feel better. But I felt the need for a makeover recently and was up to date with all my bills which meant that I was able to splurge a bit getting my hair done and go shopping for some new clothes. 

I was previously blonde and thought I needed a change and stupidly dyed my hair red, good for a couple of weeks but my emotions and depression kicked in and I was deeply missing my blonde and because I knew I had chosen the hardest colour to get rid of I was even moreso overwhelmed with emotions knowing I'd have to go through a weird orange phase on my way back to blonde. I've already made this mistake once before and obviously didn't learn from it...

Amazingly though I went to my hair dresser and she was able to pull out most of the red and sent me a gorgeous light brown with a hint of red and blonde. Feeling good I was instantly brought out of my slump and continued my good feelings with a shopping trip, which I do not do often. I bought myself a new leather jacket, some jewellery, shirts, perfume, lingire and my favourite purchase was my thigh high boots!!! Instant sexy vibes came as soon as I put those boots on which meant I couldn't leave without them. So with my new hair, jacket and boots I was feeling FAB U LOUS! 

So a shoot was needed and with none other than my car! So I got home and gave her the ultimate makeover detailing her with Adam's Polishes. 

I woke up early the next morning wanting to do a gorgeous autumn sunrise shoot with the golden glow. Unfortunately the sky was filled with clouds and it was a very dull sunrise with no colour except for the leaves on the ground.

Don't you love it when your having a selfie moment and someone just runs on by through the shot, I literally just burst out in laughter.... #embarassing

I was kind of over taking photos of myself, I get in moods and start to feel like a lovo f*ckwit and the workshop I was visiting wasn't going to be open for another hour so I decided to step my lovo antics up a notch and have a go at making my own little "promo video" which actually turned out better than expected. So now I can shoot my own videos and not have to pay someone else $1000+ for a 2-4 minute video just to post on Instagram! And yes I have been quoted by two people over $1000 to shoot a 2-4 minute video of me driving my car... 

Jokingly I posted with my video that I will now need to learn to fly the drone so I can shoot my own aerials while driving. Ash jumped at the opportunity messaging me within minutes and said he will teach me the drone that afternoon! He had been wanting to teach me helicopters and drones for years now! So I thought why not it would actually be cool to shoot my own aerials for my videos. 

But first I had to shoot an insane car build at a garage for the day, which I have now been doing every day for 4 weeks!!!  

Day over I decided to do a promo shoot for Adam's car Polishes while she was nice and shiny having been freshly washed, waxed and protected by their amazing products. And of course any excuse to put my thigh highs back on ;) 

Arriving home Ash was like a kid on Christmas day! Drone was already in the driveway batteries charged and he even had me a cold Jack Daniels ready with a straw waiting to take me down the road to an open area and finally teach me how to fly! I was fairly nervous but Ash has been flying helicopters and drones for years now and I knew I was in good hands.

Ash had a quick fly first showing me what was what and how to control it before letting me have a go...

He then helped me set it up and take off, teaching me the basic controls manoeuvring my thumbs and with a nod he let go and stepped back. I was flying!!! I don't know who was more excited, me or him (even though I didn't look excited I can assure I was, yes Ash already teased me about my facial expressions lol). Sadly though our batteries are old and over used so they didn't last very long and just as I was getting the hang of things she started to loose ooomph and was slowly dropping back down to the ground. But I managed to land it all by myself with no issues *high five*

I can't wait to source some new batteries and be able to fly for 10+ minutes and then capture my own aerial footage to add into my car adventures. 

So not only did I feel amazing and fresh I finally conquered my fears of flying, not really flying but I didn't want to crash and break Ash's toys that he'd worked so hard to pay for. But that fear is gone as we are saving our little butts off and looking to upgrade to the new Mavic pro soon so this one is practically mine to use and abuse now! 

So stay tuned!!