Chasing the snow in my s14

There is nothing better than a spontaneous adventure, and that's exactly what Friday was! I arrived home from work Thursday to Ash already home from work due to an irritating skin issue, after seeing the doctor we were both due to go back lunch time the next day. I decided to wash all our clothes and deep clean the house to eliminate any possibilities for the cause of Ash's irritations (which is hard with two inside dogs and two inside cats and over 10 snakes in the house, making using sprays and chemicals extremely hard as it can kill the reptiles). Ash stumbled across some photos on the socials of Oberon covered in snow from a morning dump, showing me.

Knowing it was most likely the last snow dump of the year so close to home and having driven up there twice already this year chasing a snow shoot without success, I knew I was waking up early and going with or without him.... but my car was FILTHY! I asked if Ash could help me with the deep clean so I could wash my car, without hesitation Ash said he would go wash my car for me, get some sun on his skin and allow me to continue my wifely duties and focus on cleaning. 

Once the car was clean I raced down to the local servo and filled up with fuel and got some iced coffee ready for a 3am wake up. 

The alarm sounded and I couldn't get up quick enough ready for the 2 hour drive. It was dark and cold but the anxiety of the shoot, and quite possibly the Dare Mocha (new to caffeine)  had me very alert preparing for our local kangaroos and wombats to appear on the dark empty roads before me. The nearer we got the more anxious I became. Will this be the day, its been 24hrs since the snow fell but it had been cold enough to stick around, will I get my snow shot? Will it be another wasted trip? My mind was going crazy!

As we got towards Jenolan state forest the road became slippery and I soon realised it was rain that had caused this and the roads were actually becoming quite wet. As we got closer to Oberon the rain began to fall and became heavy. The disappointment sunk me from within, but remaining positive we continued on with our plan. The rain was on and off and playing with my emotions, but hope soon began to fill my heart as we came across patches of snow as well as snow covered houses, but still nothing photo worthy. The further we drove the more snow patches we found. But I truly mean patches, no bigger than a 1m in diameter...

The rain had disappeared leaving everything quite wet and dreary looking, including ourselves. Feeling a little deflated we continued on enjoy the scenery and having a laugh and happy we actually tried and at least found some nice locations for future shoots. We had practically decided to head home and get some breakfast before our appointment with the specialist. Though with one last attempt at chasing snow we decided to head home via a know high spot which endured a hefty dump of snow in hope they hadn't got much of the morning rain. 

Pulling over at an intersection waiting for the directions to load Ash jokingly said do a donut, you wouldn't.... As he looked down to his phone I instantly took that as a dare, c'mon you can't say that to someone... Well I assessed the area, the traffic and the space I had, Ash found the way pointing to the road ahead and without any noticed I brought the revs up and to Ash's surprise threw a very nice, wide, slow, well controlled opposite lock donut and continued on up the wet road, probably my favourite part of the entire trip as I had never done a donut before except in my underpowered escort on the dirt and it was pure beauty! Very nicely controlled!

The good times continued with the paddocks ahead becoming white, still quite patchy and nothing like I had wanted but the day was becoming just an adventure with no expectations. That was until we came up over a crest and were greeted with a hill of white ahead. The only issue, it was in a state forest, and I was in my Silvia... 

We soon found a dirt road that looked ok and continued down it very slowly taking a few photos along the way. Still not completely covered nor the look I wanted we decided to leave that one and continue on further down the main roads.

With petrol getting quite low it was time to head 20kms into town and fill up and call it a day. Well of course the next town surprised us with another state forest filled with snow, this one with both sides covered and as far as you could see, just what I wanted!!!!

Ash noticed this one dirt road off to the side covered with snow and gestured me to go down it, a very skinny road but it looked worth it, heading down for nearly 1km was great, until we got to a washed out section with two rises and a ditch either side. With no where to turn around I had no choice but to straddle the rises and make my way hoping it didn't get any worse. I laughed and said to Ash that he should film this, taking my Silvia off roading. Well... yeah we got the footage and Ash got back in the car and we were off, well no we weren't, I had let off the clutch maybe a little too fast causing the back wheel to loose traction in the mud sliding us off sideways into that ditch.

I was now off the two raises and very close to being screwed big time. Ash got out and tried to push me back up on to the rise and out of the ditch, with no grip under his feet he pushed with no luck. The road appeared to level out 50m ahead so we decided to just slide it down sideways to slowly level out. The camera came back to film, and then I got the diff stuck on a rock, OH FUCK! I couldn't go forwards, I couldn't go backwards... I had under a quarter tank of fuel, we were 20kms from town and at least a slow 15 minute drive into a pine forest with no reception.... camera off shit go serious, we became tense and had a moment of regret. But as we do I just laughed and said fuck it, fuck the bar let's just get it out whatever it takes, I piled rocks around each rear tyre Ash got in and I pushed her out, luckily the ground was muddy and wet and the traction gained on the rocks just dug out the rock underneath and we slid her down to the flat area where a 10 point turn (getting us stuck again) but eventually had us turned around and heading out with laughter and another great story to tell.

On the way out I had to stop and quickly grab some more shots on this road before calling it a day...

I've never been so happy to see the tar before haha but it was now time to go find some fuel and head home.

Soon after leaving the pine forest we passed a highway patrol officer who gave me the strangest look! My car was filthy and sprayed with mud up the sides to the windows, and we were still in the vicinity of the pine forests, nothing sus at all! 

Safe to say it was definitely an adventure I will never forget, cars are made to be driven. I've never been a show car kinda girl and I'd rather have stories like this than how cool it was to watch my car get hectic sitting still in a car park looking nice. Now to go clean my car... until next time! 

P.S. Thanks for washing my car babe! :P