Joining A Gym

Without going into detail my past life had me very restricted when it came to extra curricular activities. For fitness I’ve always wanted to Pole dance, join a gym, attend boxing classes or dance, as well as weird stuff like learn the drums.

The past 12 months has had me eating out weekly, trying new foods, hanging with friends and really living life to it’s max. But with this amazing lifestyle came an extra 10kgs. Not that it was a bad or unhealthy 10kgs but having only come from 42kgs a few years prior I felt quite squishy when I hit the 64kgs mark, I won’t say I became fat but definitely quite podgy.

As you can see below I’ve gone from very skinny with abs from golf to quite thick and squishy. With correct positioning and sucking in/tensing I could kind of hide it. But the real me is in the red, not posed, not sucking in and completely relaxed and not at all happy with the way I look and definitely not something I’d normally be comfortable posting. But with so much freedom in my new life I knew I could actually do something about it and finally joined a gym October 2018, 3 months ago…


For me joining a gym was a huge step and a very scary one. Why? Because I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m extremely self conscious bending over in front of people and being in that kind of environment with some beautifully sculpted bodies. And for some reason I had this impression that the gym would be full of sexy people everywhere! Hot bodies here, skinny bodies there, muscles everywhere. But boy was I wrong. Yes in the first few weeks I did leave the gym if there were too many people there, by that I mean 10 or more people. But I overcame this the more I went and the more I realised there were in fact all kinds of people and people that knew less than me about exercise and equipment. Ranging from inspiring hot, well sculpted bodies to motivated larger bodies, the older generation trying to keep on top of their fitness and the young with no idea what they are doing, how to do it but are trying their best, and of course everyone in between.


With my membership I was granted two PT sessions which I took advantage of. I died the first time, sitting in my car for 15 minutes before I could drive home and I threw up the second time mid session. My body had no idea what was going on, I was light headed and weak. But I now knew where my limits were, I knew the machines and was ready! Within 5 sessions I no longer got dizzy, I could drive home straight away and was feeling really good, sore but good. I was officially hooked and excited for what the future held.


The biggest tip I can give that helped me massively was following fitness models who 1: had a very inspiring body for goals and 2: actually showed their workout routines where I could see the correct techniques and how to use the machines. I developed my own routine and sets by watching and learning and basically copying them. And have just recently signed up to some apps owned by these inspiring woman to push me that bit harder.


I’m still getting used to the gym and finding my confidence but it’s been an amazing journey so far. I have my little routine for 3 days a week and push myself through each set with no concern as to who is around me and who is looking. I have even attended 4 different centres now to find one I’d like to call home (one of them being near the airport while I waited to pick Dylan up which was PACKED! Nearly every machine was being used, the old me was running straight back out the door with fear but the new me took a breath, picked and empty machine and began my routine, which changed due to what was available. But this one session brought me out of my comfort zone in regards to people and getting out of routine to try new machines, new exercises which I’ve now incorporated in the normal weekly routine.


I’m not one to post gym selfies and be all look at me, but I wanted to write this blog and have taken some photos for my own personal awareness of how far I’ve come, as well as a few extras to make this blog look a bit better and not be so heavy with words :P


OH! And I’ve officially joined the active wear gang!!! I must say it’s actually so comfortable! And I can now tease anyone else who wears it and doesn’t go to the gym, coz I’m actually a gym member now haha

So my goal is to be a thick curvaceous size 8/10. I want a nice ass, thick legs, tight waist/stomach and semi toned arms and back. My problem area is and will be my hips/love handles. I even had these stubborn fatty pockets when I was 42kgs, so I don’t know how and if I’ll ever get rid of them but I’ll definitely try my best. I don’t want to be skinny, I don’t want to loose weight and I don’t want to be muscly. I don’t plan on dieting, I will though watch my portions and what I’m eating to see what makes me bloat and obviously eliminate these as regular foods. As I type this I’m sitting here relaxing eating a giant bowl of Pad-C-U with a nice cold Midori. I have missed days even an entire week of gym due to work, my busy lifestyle and even the heat but I couldn’t care less. I look forward to the journey and seeing if I can in fact reach my body goals. I’d also like to work on my flexibility as well this year so may even try this yoga thing out…

Bring on 2019! :)