New Toys!

With the rapid rise of gimbals on the market it becomes hard to choose the right one. Especially considering they are not the cheapest things out there.

I already purchased the beholder hand held gimbal for the SLR a while back but I really can't stand filming with the SLR and the auto focusing mess as it jolts trying to keep focus. It seriously does my head in and has destroyed so many videos! Which has held me back from wanting to make any others.

speedgirls jaz-7.jpg

So while we save for the gh4 or 5 and the DJI Ronin we decided to start off with a small but decent investment. And spend the next few months developing a level of skills before we make the big purchase.

And that small investment was in the DJI OSMO!! 

I was fortunate enough to use one back in February 2017 during the mad max interceptor build. No further convincing required I fell in love and searched them up, adding a few to my eBay watch list. Though with many other things taking priority it was something that was always pushed to the side and always became, next week... So in the watch list it stayed!   

Recently cruising through the shops Dylan and I noticed that the OSMO was on special and were very tempted to purchase it then and there! Though after my big life change I most certainly didn't have the funds to do so and mentioned that if it's there next week we would get it! 

But in business and life as partners you need teamwork! And that's what landed us the OSMO! I walked in the door the same afternoon to it sitting on his desk waiting for my reaction... Definitely a mixed one that's for sure! Feelings of shock, excitement, guilt and disbelief! 

It's these moments that have me pinch myself everyday! I was annoyed Dylan had spent his hard earned money and not used our joint savings, but I was left feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have the support, passion and excitement he has for the business and achieving particular goals with me! (And this is only a couple months in!!!)

Jaw picked up off the floor it was time to open it! Unboxing the OSMO had smiles on both our faces. Initially impressed by the packaging, yes probably a little lame but it was like a little puzzle to open and a mission to not tear apart. Which was weirdly very satisfying! Don't ask why just nod and act like you know what we're talking about :P

Once we worked our way into the box the smiles were then accompanied by a cheeky nod of satisfaction with the presentation of something as simple as the case! This is where we knew we had made the right purchase and had a quality product in front of us. 

And we hadn't even seen it or filmed with it yet!!! Are we lame? Or do you feel me? 

Finally unzipping the case (oh the suspense, jokes, ok back to the story) well it sunk in. Seeing and holding something I had only dreamed of owning and most definitely wasn't going to be able to afford anytime soon without the help from Dylan was a little overwhelming.  

Unfortunately like most things the excitement was put on hold as we had to charge the battery before we could play with it :( WHHHYYYYYY???? Grrr I hate electronic things! This whole charge before you play game is so unfair! Why do this for? 

But all was good, Dylan couldn't help himself, also purchasing us a cheap drone to learn with before we spend money on a decent one only to crash it with a lack of skills. I know, he's full of surprises and blows my mind every day! So we went and played with that while the OSMO battery charged :) And I decided to write this blog...

So stay tuned for our adventures while we learn and develop skills growing stronger as an unstoppable team!  

The future could not be any more exciting!!!  

BY JAZ & DYLAN-2.jpg
BY JAZ & DYLAN-4.jpg

To add to the collection of toys I decided with the help of Dylan to make a big purchase now and finally get a proper laptop!!!

After my Macbook had crashed some 3 years ago I have been dealing with the slowest, cheapest laptop I could afford. It used to crash every 10 minutes editing in Lightroom and didnt have the capacity to run Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro so I had been editing my videos with the simple windows Movie Maker. Well thats not my life anymore. I have now purchased a new gaming Laptop mainly for editing purposes and secondly to join in with Dyl and his mates every now and then on a game. But it was the speed and graphics cards I was mostly interested in. 

So a couple grand gone I now welcome the Acer Nitro 5 to the family as well. Soon to be placed at a desk!!! AAARRRGGHHH! The most exciting bit! I have spent the last 10 years editing and running a business from a bed with an aching back and legs. So to say I'm excited is truly and understatement!

This Laptop is everything I've always wanted, needed and so much more! I can use it as a computer, tablet and even flip it around and upside down as a TV/Netflix/Gaming screen! Which works out awesome considering I don't currently have a TV at my grandparents

Excuse my google images I don't exactly have time to sit and do a photoshoot of my laptop as I've just got it and still living between two houses. So once I finally get set up I'll be sure to do a review and take some pics of my new space :)