Cradle Mountain Lodge Escape

Nothing beats the idea of escaping reality and unwinding in a wood fire cabin with nothing but your partner in crime. For those who don't know Ash and I have been together for 9 years.

Like any relationship we have had our ups and we have had our downs. We fight like everyone else and do not live the "perfect" life as said by others. We just choose to keep those downs to ourselves. These downs are usually only caused by passion, and the desire to be better people, have bigger, better things and the desire to have a successful business. We both work full time jobs as well as trying to run Still Motion Media. 
We have not yet purchased our first home and all our money goes towards the business, bills and day to day living. Of course there are moments where we question our plans and feel we may very well be chasing an empty dream, putting well over $30,000 into something that could get left in the past and remain a hobby. Most of our spare time is spent at events, editing photos, blogging, researching or playing with cars.
So naturally we tend to forget about each other every now and then.

Heading down to Tasmania for Drift Challenge Australia we decided to add a couple of days to our trip to see a bit of the Tasmanian beauty you hear so much about. After seeing photos of this magical looking boat shed at Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain this place was a must visit!

Researching the area I came across this enchanting looking lodge at the National Park's edge. And of course navigated my way through their website falling in love with the King Billy Suite. This suite had a spa on the balcony with a warm inviting fire place centred in the middle of a large room separating the king size bed and lounge area. And just in case the hot spa on the balcony wasn't enough there was an extremely large spa bath in the bathroom. After enquiring about availability the lovely staff had reserved the suite dreams are made of.

The trip could not come quick enough, stepping off the plane onto the tarmac it was a chilly -1'C. We collected our bags and our keys to our trusty Hyundai i20 before heading off on yet another adventure. It was 11am by the time we hit the road and all I can say is WOW! Tasmanian roads are AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back there with my s14 just to drive these roads myself in my own pride and joy I know so well. Having 3 hours before we could check in to our cabin we headed North via Devonport stopping at random locations along the way slowly making our way to Lake St Clair National Park.

Again driving some of the most beautiful roads we have ever been on. I seriously cannot express these roads in words. They moved with the land, dipping down before a cambered corner it was like the road was controlling the cars weight, setting it up perfectly for the next corner. 
With A LOT of wildlife I must stress to take care on these roads and remain aware of what's ahead. Most rural roads in Tasmania are 100km/h but sign posted to drive to the conditions as only meters from the sign is an "advised" 35km winding section. Yes "advised" so if you have a set up car, the skills and dare I say the balls you can hit these corners up as fast as you can handle (Again why I want to take the Sivlia back).

Making our way up the mountain to the lodge we had lost phone reception. This was our last means of communication with the outside world fort he next 2 days (Something I must try to do more often, switch off from all technology).

Arriving at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge it looked just like the pictures, it was beautiful!
Walking in to the foyer we were greeted with a smile from friendly staff and the relaxing smell of an open fire, it felt warm and homey. 
Reaching our cabin nestled up away from the main lodge and others we felt instantly secluded and relaxed, surely it had to have been planned but funny enough our luxury cabin was #69 (can't be a coincidence, can it? If I was the owner of somewhere with a couples suite I'd number it #69 too).

Opening that front door did not disappoint either, walking through a small kitchen area to the enormous room divided by the double sided fire place it was simply perfect. Very cosy and decorated with magical photos from the local sites and inspiring words left around the room, I had to run around and take some photos before we made our mess...

The outdoor hot tub reminded me of a Japanese onsen experience we had earlier in the year, also in very similar freezing cold conditions. There were several walks venturing away from the main lodge as well as on site activities but we decided before it did get too cold, to head out on a short enchanting walk around the lodge's private creek.


Although this room came with a price tag there was no if's or but's, we knew we deserved it. The best idea in a long time! There was no reception, no internet and no TV in the cabin. Just us, the spa, a fire, a deck of cards, some alcohol and the possums.

I recommend all to find somewhere like this for at least two days where you can unplug yourself from the demanding world we now live in and focus on each other and most of all yourself.


Photography and write up by Jasmynne Tudor