With over 11 years experience behind the camera,10 of them spent pointed at cars it's safe to say we have a fair idea of what you're after when it comes to creating some beautiful images to suit your needs, whether that be for yourself or to represent your event or brand. 

The automotive scene is our passion and where we are most comfortable. Bringing our skills in portraits and landscapes together to deliver a unique style, capturing the day's vibes giving our attention to the finer details often missed... 

Below are some behind the scenes shots as well as a few of our favourite photos taken so far. 


Our pricing depends on what you are looking to gain from your photo shoot experience. We all have different budgets and expectations when booking a photography session with a professional photographer. Which means we tailor each price to suit the individual and their needs.

For example you may be looking to get a single location shoot with basic exterior shots which can be achieved in a single session VS multiple locations, exterior and interior shots or something a little more advanced with editing and lighting techniques requiring a full day or more. This can become quite time consuming with many photos taken. Not to mention travel as we are more than happy to travel worldwide to capture your moment. 

So we feel it's necessary to charge accordingly and advise you to contact us directly to receive a free quote. 

Below we have a basic package available which you can use as a start to create your very own.

 LOCATION SHOOT(Sydney and surrounds)

2Hr photography session 

Single location, multiple angles, Natural light (dawn till dusk)

- 20 professionally edited photos supplied on USB, chosen by you! (eg 15 exterior, 5 interior) 

ADD ON: - Extra photos may be purchased for $10 each, professionally edited

                    Canvas and or framed prints may also be purchased (prices vary)  


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